What Happens When You Google These Guys?

Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette is winding down and she only has six contestants remaining: Brian, Chris, Dylan, Josh M., Marcus, and Nick V. And it's anyone's guess who she might choose. (Jplay, it's going to be Josh or Nick.) While we've gotten to learn a bit about each of these guys, most of it isn't very interesting. They want to get married. They're ready to start a family. They're there for the right reasons. Dylan doesn't wash his hands after he goes to the bathroom — Okay, that one was interesting. But for the most part it's a bunch of sappy stuff and none of the crazy real-life stuff we really want to know.

Of course, you can go online and look up these things, but the problem is, when you Google these men, the only things that come up are about their time on The Bachelorette. If you type "Cody Sattler" into your search bar, for instance, you don't want the suggestions to say things like "Cody Sattler Bachelorette," "Cody Sattler Chicago," and "Cody Sattler Facebook," you want things like, "Cody Sattler how so buff" or "Cody Sattler what brand of spray tan." That's why we've come up with a few suggestions for Google's suggestions.

Here are the things you really want to search:

Brett Melnick

Not because of his swoopy hair! Because he's a hairdresser!

Marquel Martin

It's serious business!

Steven Woolworth

He left so soon! We never got the answers we needed!

Nick Viall

He does have a bit of a resemblance to a few famous folks.

Josh Murray

He is a very divisive contestant.

JJ O'Brien

It's pretty simple, guys. Pants + Entrepreneur = Pantsapreneur.