Maisie Williams And Sophie Turner In 'The Stark Sisters Go To Glastonbury'

Have you been missing the Stark sisters? The Game of Thrones finale only aired a couple of weekends ago, but it's seemed like an eternity (the ten-month-plus wait we've got ahead of us seems almost unfathomable).

Arya got the last shot in the finale, as we watched her set sail for Braavos, but we haven't seen Sansa since her appearance a few of episodes prior, when she made the Eyrie her personal runway and started playing the eponymous game of thrones for keeps.

Well, we can catch up with them now — or, that is to say, their real-life counterparts Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams. Yes, the long, Thrones-less drought ahead of us is certainly sad for us fans (who are in the process of weathering some withdrawal), but it looks like the show's stars are enjoying their hiatus — especially Turner and Williams, who headed out to the Glastonbury Music Festival (it's like Coachella, except instead of heat exhaustion, you have to watch out for mud) for a long weekend. I can't wait to see all the hilarious Vines Williams gets out of rolling around in the sun for a few days.

Both looked ready to celebrate, albeit in their own ways: it's almost as if they switched characters. Turner went fun with a side of practical in a laid-back/summer chic ensemble (plus black wellies). Those legs, tho.

And Williams went for full-on glam in wild eye makeup, not to mention her forest fairy undone updo:

Arya would definitely not approve, especially not of the butterfly hairclip. But that's okay — because Queen Regent Cersei is wholeheartedly on board:

Looks like the Stark girls are primed to enjoy their much-deserved hiatus, eh?

Images: sophie_789, maisiewills/Instagram