Spoiler: Jason Stackhouse Has Steamy Sex Again

When will we ever see Eric Northman again? When True Blood Season 7 premiered on June 22 there was one notable, blonde-haired, undead omission and no real True Blood fan, or Pam for that matter, was able to ignore it. The big question for True Blood Season 7 is: Is Eric Northman alive or dead? And if he is alive (spoiler alert: he probably is) when the hell is he coming back? Sooner than you think, people: Eric will return in Episode 2 "I Found You" and all signs point to Eric being the star of Jason's erotic dreams.

So, why is longtime ladies' man Jason Stackhouse having same-sex fantasies about the blonde Viking vampire? And what does that mean about Eric's fate? Just a quick True Blood Season 6 refresher for you: Eric healed Jason with his blood last season. If you're a longtime "Truebie," you know that Jason and Eric are permanently linked now — remember when Sookie went through this so many times before with Eric and the alleged love-of-her-life Bill Compton? But in the case of Eric and Jason, this means so much more.

Alexander Skarsgård opened up to TV Guide ahead of the Season 7 premiere about what we can expect about Eric Northman's fate and whether or not he and Sookie are getting back together before True Blood takes its final bow. First, he revealed that Eric's realized that he's not the guy for Sookie (thank god) but even more importantly, fans should look forward to an "erotic sex scene" between Eric and Sookie's brother, Jason. Boom. The actor didn't mention when the sex scene would happen and even the official HBO synopsis for "I Found You" mentions nothing about a hook up between two of True Blood's best-looking men, but in the first moments of Sunday's episode, Eric utters the line "you found me" and proceeds to have a (totally imaginary) steamy hookup with Jason that rivals Sookie and Eric's famous forest romp.

Okay, it might even be crazier than the time Bill climbed out of his grave and had sex with Sookie in the graveyard. (Who knew it was possible to top that?) Still, at the time, Pam has yet to make contact with her maker, so the whole sequence is tinged with an air of make-believe: This has to be a figment of Jason's vampire blood-addled subconscious. However, it does suggest that Eric is still alive.

But how does Jason having sex dreams about Eric prove that he's alive somewhere even if he's extremely unwell and sizzling in the snow in Sweden? If Eric were dead, his blood would no longer be affecting Jason this way. Aside from healing humans, vampires on True Blood — especially Bill and Eric — feed their blood to humans to be able to protect them. If Eric were dead, that link would be broken and he wouldn't be able to check in on Jason's mind either. Way back when, after he tricked Sookie into drinking his blood, Eric made it sound a lot like he could trespass into her mind and make her see things whenever he wanted. Again, if he had met the True Death, he wouldn't be able to go there — boom.

Rejoice, True Blood fans, Eric Northman's alive — as if we ever doubted it in the first place.

Images: HBO (2), tvhousehusband/Tumblr