Anna Faery-Blasts Drunk Rumors

She's put up with a lot of crap in Bon Temps and she's not about to put up with yours. In true Sookie Stackhouse fashion, Anna Paquin told off OK! Magazine for a story about her "boozy breakdown" at the True Blood Season 7 premiere party. As we saw during last Sunday's premiere on HBO, Sookie's fed up with people judging her and blaming her for things and apparently, so is Paquin with tabloids claiming she can't handle her alcohol. Good for you, girl, #faerybitchslap.

The report, which appeared on the cover week's issue of OK! , claims that the True Blood star was "stumbling and slurring her words" at the premiere party for the final season of the HBO series and her costar husband, Stephen Moyer, was visibly upset. A source told the magazine, "It became clear to everyone that Anna simply can't control herself," and that Moyer could be overheard reprimanding his wife and Oscar-winner for the alleged unacceptable behavior on such an important night. Well, Paquin's having NONE of this.

On Friday, the star took to Twitter where she called out OK! because apparently, she's Sookie Stackhouse in real life, too. The star poked fun at the misinformed article by asking whether or not the car the couple got into to get to the party was able to drive up 11 floors to the premiere party. #Sorrynotsorry, OK!. Here's Paquin's tweet:

Even though Paquin's response seems to be in good humor — real True Blood fans know her moment went a little something like this:

And then:

And once she calmed down:

So take that, OK!:

You don't just mess with Sookie Stackhouse and get away with it.

Images: Wifflegif, rpg-gifsforyou/Tumblr, midnightopheliac/Wordpress, ProjectFandom