All The Times She Looked Like My Little Pony

by Arielle Dachille

In addition to being Jem's doppelgänger, Katy Perry is essentially a human My Little Pony. We know this because Katy Perry's hair has looked like a My Little Pony mane on numerous occasions. Furthermore, we can easily guess that she has a cupcake or some other girly illustration tattooed on her booty. Depending on which version you’re dealing with, she may even smell like frosting. Plus, she chopped her hair off and sent herself to the army in the video for "Part of Me", much like you did with your little ponies when you got too old for them. Oh wait, that was just me? Well, there is still a case here. "Dark Horse" may be a little less metaphorical than you think.

More than any of her pony traits, Perry proves just how similar she is to these fantasy horses through her candy-colored dye jobs. While us non-pony/human hybrids grow shades of brown, black, red, blonde and grey from our hair follicles, Perry sprouts lavender, magenta, Kelly green, and sometimes blue. The can’t deny who she is, for we see her clear as day. Just like Kanye is a fish, Perry is a fancy horse. That or, well, she just has a squad of colorists and wigmakers that allow her to live this fantasy on the regs. The latter theory is a bit more persuasive, but an investigation is necessary.

Now, we’re sophisticated researchers with the reconnaissance tools of the Catfish team at our disposal. We've assembled a dossier of times when Katy Perry’s hair looked exactly like My Little Pony. Friendship is magic, and so is Manic Panic.

1. That time she copied My Little Pony's hair accessories.


Bitch stole my look...

2. That time she could've been making a Nickelodeon "Slime" reference, but she wasn't.

Image: Network24; Ruby Lane

Really, she just held this horse up to her hairstylist, pointed at the hair, and said "this green."

3. That time she went light blue.


Right down to the bangs, this 'do is essentially identical.

4. The baby pink bob affair.

Image: Etsy;

It's a rather understated coif for dream valley.

5. The indigo show.

Image: The Frisky

The folks at the Frisky pointed out this incident a few months ago, and it's basically color-for-color the same hairdo. People are onto you, Katy. We know your game...

6. The hot pink chronicle

Image:; Blogspot

Katy opted to add a 40's pinup girl bang to this style. She insisted on being called sparkle rainbow for the entire night.