The Best BET Awards Doppelgangers

by Paige Tutt

In 2001, The BET Awards were established to congratulate African Americans and minorities who excel in music, sports, acting, and other fields of entertainment. Once a year, Hollywood's elite attend the BET Awards and show up in their finest fashions to support the event. It's no surprise to see the likes of Nicki Minaj, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Hudson, Paris Hilton, Pharrell, Missy Elliott, and more when watching.

From all-white ensembles, to faux fur collars, shiny metallic bodices, and thigh-high black boots, you never know what people will be wearing when step onto the red carpet. But every year, without fail, some celebrities show up in what can only be considered as incredible fashion faux pas. Twitter and Tumblr are always abuzz the night of the event, waiting to see who shows up to claim the Worst Dressed of the Night crown.

This year, I was practically rolling watching my Twitter feed overflow with commentary from people allover the world who were throwing enormous amounts of shade at some famous celebs' outfit choices. That's the great thing about Twitter. Even famous people make fashion mistakes, and the hilarious users of Twitter will never let them live it down. Check out some of the hysterical comparisons dreamt up tonight.

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Zendaya, but girl showed up serving me some serious Mortal Kombat realness. @FiveFootTall nailed this one right on the head. Kitana would be proud!

Busta Rhymes is an absolute force to be reckoned with in the rap community, but @LadyStruggles is definitely right. He looks exactly like Hermes from Futurama in this weird multicolored jacket. And if that wasn't already enough:

Come on y'all! A Cheesecake Factory bag?! This absolutely slayed me, and also made me really hungry for some Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. Thanks @Tpindell.

It seems this red and black plaid frock wasn't as "Loyal" to Chris Brown as he would have hoped. The Hey Arnold reference is spot on, @AzariNeal. It seems the fashion police may be taking Brown back to the clink earlier than expected.

Chris Brown's on again off again gal pal Karrueche also showed up. As if she doesn't get enough shade from the Rihanna Navy, it seemed @RealRaymondJ was not a fan of this ensemble. To be honest, the likeness is uncanny..

Keke Palmer did the Gold Power Ranger proud. Shine bright like a diamond, Keke! Gotta thank @Mr_Hurdler for this one!

I spit my drink out at this comparison. Was Lil Wayne intentionally channeling Libby Folfax from the Nickelodeon show Jimmy Neutron? The world may never know, but at least we can theorize, thanks to @jesxschrist.

Honestly, this comparison of handsome Squidward and Common is more of a compliment than anything. The DivaSays Tumblr had some other great BET Awards insight, but this one took the cake.

In summary, what I've learned from this year's BET Awards is:

1. Twitter is amazing, and..

2. If you're going to an awards ceremony, ask three different friends for their opinions on your outfit before you leave home.