Andi, You Should Totally Go For Marcus

by Nicole Pomarico

Going into this season of The Bachelorette , there was one thing that the entire audience — and Andi Dorfman — wanted to avoid: Another Juan Pablo situation. After seeing poor, sweet Andi heartbroken over the man who has become a living ABC legend, we knew that when she took up her post as Bachelorette, she'd have better luck this time around... even if that was because she couldn't possibly have the bad luck she had on The Bachelor twice. But after meeting Andi's lineup of suitors, we were feeling some major deja vu, JP style in the form of a contestant named Marcus Grodd.

I wasn't so sure about Marcus in the beginning, and not just because, like Juan Pablo, he was another soccer player. When he and Andi first started to get to know each other (and we, in turn, got to know Marcus), there didn't seem to be much substance behind those smoldering blue eyes and suave soccer skills. Besides, how could anyone that good looking have a personality to match? Such a person would simply be too perfect to exist, right?

But since then, Marcus has totally shot down every single one of my doubts. He wasn't afraid to get personal with Andi, and as it turns out, Marcus also had a bad impression of love. The fact that he had trust issues after his ex-girlfriend suddenly made a break for it made Marcus that much more lovable, because I could tell he definitely understood where Andi was coming from. On that fact alone, Andi could relate to Marcus on a different level than she could with many of the other contestants.

And after seeing Marcus drop the L word, in that moment, he became my frontrunner. It obviously means a lot to Andi that he was able to be that raw with her (video below) and admit that he was "falling for you, faster than I imagined." But it wasn't just hearing how honest Marcus is with Andi that did it for me — it was also hearing how he talks about her. Every time he talks to the camera about how much he cares about her, you get the sense that he's actually being genuine, which is a serious rarity when it comes to reality show dating.

But even if Marcus doesn't get that final rose, he's served a way bigger purpose in Andi's life: He's restored her faith in love. And, aside from, you know, a potential life mate, that's what Andi was really looking for this season. We salute you, Marcus!

Images: ABC