Is He a Better Dancer Than You?

Well, if the whole being third in line for the throne thing doesn't work out for Prince Harry, then I think we can safely say he has a bright future in backup dancing. His Royal Highness — the real one, not Matt Hicks of I Wanna Marry Harry fame — was caught busting a move yet again and it was adorable. He was in Santiago, Chile on Sunday, where Prince Harry danced to Katy Perry's "Firework" with a bunch of children from the Fundacion Amigos de Jesus. The organization serves as a daycare to children with severe disabilities.

Prince Harry was there as part of a three day tour through Chile, which included visiting with Chilean firefighters in Valparaiso and joining a group of children taking beginner motorbike exercises in the foothills of the Andes. Harry has since returned to London, but thankfully there were cameras rolling while he deciding to make anyone in the world who isn't hoping to be the next Kate Middleton swoon for him all over again. However, this is far from the first, and probably not the last, time we've seen His Royal Highness show off his "smooth" dance skills. In fact, Prince Harry basically has so many audition tapes at this point that he may as well start sending them in to Dancing with the Stars.

He might not be a great dancer, but thankfully that's never stopped him from dancing all over the world. Here are just a few of Prince Harry's greatest dance hits.


In 2012, Prince Harry was filmed dancing to Bob Marley's "One Love" while on a four-day visit to Jamaica. Sure, I've never seen somebody scurry away that quickly after finishing a silky smooth dance routine, but, hey, he's a prince. That was a lot of hip action for a prince.


In 2013, Prince Harry spent time dancing and cooking with children during a charity visit to Lesotho in South Africa. He was trying to master a traditional Lesotho dance, but found himself being wildly outclassed by all the other children. He probably didn't mind, though. I mean, they were adorable.


In 2011, Prince Harry was caught partying at a nightclub in Croatia and fell into a pool. What was he doing before he went tumbling into the pool? If you guessed "dancing", then you've caught the general spirit of this article. Sadly, the footage is grainy, but that's probably a good thing. I mean, it was really bad dancing.


In 2012, during the Diamond Jubilee Tour of the Caribbean and Brazil, Prince Harry was sipping rum and dancing with the locals within hours of arriving. Of course, he was basically begged to by the city's mayor, who was quoted by The Daily Mail as saying, "I have been forewarned you are an outgoing person who is a good dancer!" All we can say to Simeon Lopez is thank you for giving us this moment in Prince Harry Dancing History.


In 2014, the news broke that Prince Harry twerked at a wedding in Memphis. Even worse, the news broke that Prince Harry had twerked at a wedding and there was no video footage of this event. Who knew that Prince Harry even knew how to twerk? And why isn't there a video? Come on, Harry, we're all rooting for you and your backup career. At least release a photograph.

Image: Tumblr