7 Times Queen Bey DIDN'T Get The Best Costume

by Christine Cauthen

In case you haven't heard Michelle Williams's latest single, "Say Yes," listen now. It's so upbeat and inspiring, and the latest version involves a Destiny's Child reunion. For the first time since the famed Superbowl performance that changed my life in 2013 (sorry, all my years of taping up Destiny's Child images from my J-14 magazine on my bedroom walls are coming out), the best girl group ever has rejoined forces.

I'm ride or die for DC, and I'm definitely a supporter of all three women in their solo endeavors, but goodness, does it feel great to have them all reunited again. Aside from flawless vocals, literal tons of girl power, and unforgettable lyrics that range from the hilarious to the seriously touching, there are also some outrageous costuming moments in the group's past. Designed by the infamous Tina Knowles (for those of you that aren't Destiny's Child superfans, that's Beyoncé's mom), they fit right in with the out-of-control outfits of the time period — weren't the '00s a total trip? She had them in crop tops and short shorts, the miniest of miniskirts, bikini tops covered in fur, floor-length gowns and more undeniably turn-of-the-millennium trends. Like most other subjects in the history of Destiny's Child (solos, dance moves, etc.), Beyoncé was usually given the best of the best when it came to the trio's coordinated ensembles. Looking back, someone must have called Tina out a few times because there are definitely examples of when her daughter was looking busted in comparison to Michelle and Kelly Rowland. And here are my favorites. Please forgive me, Queen Bey.

1. When her beading was... unrecognizable.

Kelly has a simple brooch, Michelle is rocking a beaded striped poncho, and Beyoncé's outfit seems to have gone through the washing machine too many times.

2. When she was given embellished panty hose as a shirt.

The other girls were given glitzy semi-sheer outfits, but Bey had a barely there bandeau on under her "shirt."

3. When she was wearing a wire sculpture.

I mean seriously, Kelly looks stunning in her hot pink bondage dress, and Michelle wears black feathers oh so well. But Beyoncé looks a bit like an outtake from a Shakira video.

4. When she looked like an extra from Hocus Pocus.

This color is ugly. I'm sorry Bey, but no. Kelly looks cute in reddish orange, and Michelle looks royal in her purple outfit. I'm not sure why Tina thought that middle outfit looked like anything but a rejected costume for a certain set of mischievous witches.

5. When she rushed to a show after she auditioned for a role as the next Disney princess.

Beyoncé is splendid and a lot of people (including me) think she's a great role model, but with that dress and those painfully heavy-looking earrings she missed the mark. Granted, Kelly and Michelle also have ridiculous outfits on, but Beyoncé's hair really makes her ensemble particularly out of control.

6. That time she looked like a fan posing with her favorite band.

Hey LaTavia! Hey Latoya! This is a major throwback to old DC, but I'm not sure why Beyoncé looks like the odd one out. She's often wearing the most standout outfit, but this time she was left out of the cool holographic tube top trend, reduced to basic black pleather.

7. When she wouldn't believe that simplicity is key.

Beyoncé doesn't look bad per se, but compared to her sidekicks in this epic Superbowl reunion, she's definitely doing the most. I love Michelle's cute one-shoulder and skater skirt combination. Kelly is rocking the bodysuit. Beyoncé's lace-inspired suit just wasn't doing it for me. It looks like Tina's over-the-top influence just never left dear Bey's mind.