Celebs are Pissed About Hobby Lobby, Too

If you're a woman there's a good chance you're pretty upset today. Because essentially, the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby's so-called religious freedom grants them more human rights than actual, real living people. Particularly if you were born with that abhorrent disability known as a vagina. Oh ladies, when will you learn?! These laws are only meant to protect you — to keep you safe and clean and free of sin and exactly as that archaic lifestyle-manual The Bible intended! Which is so cool if by "so cool" you mean completely unfuckingbelieveable and disgustingly limiting of women's rights as human people. I'm mad as hell and you know what? So are a ton of celebrities and notable funnyfolk out there who, like you and me (and Ruth Bader Ginsberg — love you, Notorious R.B.G.), are positively slack-jawed over the fact that our own country seems to care more about the happiness of its corporation$ than its living, breathing inhabitants.

Because apparently when you make corporations humans, they are afforded more human rights than actual people themselves.

A corporation getting the right to cherry-pick which taxes they will and will not pay based on religious freedoms — and getting that right when the actual people who make up this country do not — is just straight-up egregious and goes against everything our so-called freedoms stand for. More than anything, this ruling further proves that our country is terrified of women and their basic human abilities (and to govern said abilities of their own accord) and instead of understanding them, further banishing them into a pile of muck and dreck that does nothing more than hurt women and push the clock back at least 100 years.

I'm not the only one who feel this way — so do quite a few celebrity-types. And if my words can't convince you to be mad as hell and not willing to take it anymore, maybe theirs will.

Some Folks Were Straight-Up Pissed

While Others Went the Educational Route

Many Used Humor to Soothe Their Rage (Because UUUUUUGHHH The World, Right?)

I'm thankful folks are speaking out, but it cannot just be the famous and/or slightly notable among us. Everyone needs to get pissed about this — and hopefully, against all odds, that anger will affect some change. Because the SCOTUS' decision is, very simply put, a downright wrong one. And it favors religious beliefs over scientific facts and the rights of companies worth millions of dollars over the hardworking people that bust their asses every day to make those companies what they are for a fraction of a percentage point of their worth.

It's total bullshit. If you're not upset, you should be. Simple as that.