Dolly Parton Played Benny Hill Theme on Tiny Sax

You know what? We all deserve to be happy. We all deserve a little bit of joy — particularly during a day as depressing as this one (goddamn SCOTUS). Which is exactly why we bring you this gift. This beautiful, hypnotic, blessed gift of musical goodness: Dolly Parton playing The Benny Hill Show theme song on a tiny, bedazzled saxaphone. God bless America, indeed. For at least a moment, my faith in your inhabitants has been restored.

The whole splendid moment of euphoric, absurdist bliss went down this weekend at the Glastonbury Music Festival over in the jolly United Kingdom where The Queen of All Things and my Perennial Hero Forever was performing. But she wasn't just a sideshow addition to some of the bigger EDM and/or dance-laced acts that also played to the mega-crowds of Glasto, she was actually the biggest draw at the entire festival — performing to the biggest crowds at the whole damn thing. Why? Well because she's a goddamn hero to freedom of self and general shenanigans. Because she's unabashedly herself and took the muddied madness of such a raucous music festival in serious stride and managed to win over a crowd far younger than her 50+ years working in the industry. BASK IN HER ICONIC GLORY, PLEBES. BAAAAASK!

So, here you go, Internet: soak in the glory that is Dolly Parton playing The Benny Hill theme song on a rhinestone and bedazzled saxophone. You've earned it. Heck, we've all earned it.

Never, ever, ever, ever ever change Dolly Parton. Not for anything or anyone. I mean it.