The Hands-Free Way To Put On Your Pants

Every so often, someone comes along and changes your life forever. It could be a lover, a new friend, an enemy — one minute with them and you know you'll never be the same. Today, that person is this guy on YouTube who's discovered a way to put on pants without using his hands. In the Wicked reference you all saw coming, I have indeed been changed for good.

In a clip lasting a mere 44 seconds, this unnamed gentleman does the unthinkable: Wiggles his shapely gams into a pair of super skinny trousers without any assistance from his hands. It's honestly awe-inspiring. Why aren't more of us this innovative in our daily routines? Are we all such mindless sheeple that we readily accept the way the government tells us to put on our clothes without any question at all? It's honestly sickening that no one has done this before.

Okay, probably people have done this before. In fact, my math professor in college taught us via live presentation how to remove our underwear without taking off our pants. Allegedly, this was related to algebra. But he didn't do it with "Final Countdown" playing in the background, and that's why he never turned into a viral video. Check out the video below, and get ready to be sartorially inspired.