Did We Learn More About The Next 'X-Men'?

It's only been a hot couple of seconds really since X-Men: Days Of Future Past hit theaters and reminded us just how mad/wounded/in love James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are at each other at all times, but you now what that means: It's already past time to start pining for the next movie. That movie would be X-Men: Apocalypse , and Bryan Singer's now teasing us with bits of the script. So what can we learn — or more accurately, confirm — from the sneak peak?

It is, it should be noted, a very tiny sneak peak: Singer instagrammed it. It is literally the only thing he's instagrammed to date, adding a nice cryptic quality. All we get is the byline (Brying Singer, Simon Kinberg, Michael Dougherty, and Dan Harris left their mark), the title (which we already knew), and a few isolated words. But they might still be useful words! Maybe! Here's what we can see:

  • The Nile River is involved, and it's streaked with something.
  • There's a shadow and something's under it.
  • Something is burning, and there's smoke.
  • There's a group of something very real.
  • The Four Horsemen are definitely all up in this movie.

We've delved a bit before into what we can probably expect from X-Men : Apocalypse . Namely, that the blue dud we saw in the credits tag at the end of Days Of Future Past was the dude known as Apocalypse, and that he's got four henchmen known as the Four Horsemen. More specifically they're known as Death, Famine, War, and Pestilence. They'll probably be causing our heroes a lot of trouble.

Here's the "full" snippet:

Image: Bryan Singer/Instagram