She's the One in Charge on 'Teen Wolf'

With all the crazy stuff happening so far on Season 4 of Teen Wolf , it's hard to find time to enjoy the little happy moments between all of the intense ones. But the easiest bright spot to see and truly appreciate is the growing relationship between Stiles and Malia. While Malia is still trying to figure out how to be a proper human teenage girl, let alone a good member of Scott's wolf pack, she's clearly found her footing in her relationship with Stiles. As Megan Tandy who plays Braeden on the hit MTV show said on this week's Teen Wolf aftershow Wolf Watch, Malia is very clearly the one in control in the Stiles/Malia romance. And she's not wrong.

From the very beginning of their relationship, Malia had all the power. She first met Stiles after he and Scott saved her from killing her adopted father and turned her back into a human after she had lived as a coyote for most of her life. At first Malia hated Scott and Stiles for making her become a human again and for inadvertently putting her in a mental institution. In fact, she punches him when he shows up at Eichen House. But as she starts learning more and more about Stiles' problems with the Nogitsune, Malia starts to warm up to Stiles quite a bit. Here's some proof that Tandy is right and Malia very clearly wears the pants in the her relationship with Stiles.

She Initiated Their First Kiss

We first saw the two unlikely lovebirds get together in Season 3 when Stiles was going through his Nogitsune possession problems. Here Stiles and Malia shared the famous kiss... and a few other firsts. But Malia is very clearly the one who initiates their romance and Stiles is just happily along for the ride.

She Tells Him Of Her Feelings First And Often

In the Season 4 premiere, the Wolf Pack goes to Mexico to try and find the missing Derek and almost get attacked by some mysterious creatures in the dark wilderness when Stiles' Jeep breaks down. Malia goes running after it but Stiles is afraid she has run away. After she returns, she, Stiles, Kira, and Lydia make it back into the fixed Jeep, and Stiles lectures Malia about not leaving people behind. "I would never leave you behind," she says. Stiles is pleased and clearly feels the same way but doesn't immediately say anything back.

She is The Big Spoon

The second episode of Season 4 gives us a glimpse at the humor this relationship can truly bring us when Stiles complains a bit to Scott about Malia's pushy romantic behavior. Apparently she sneaks into his room at 2 a.m. pretty much every day, claws up his back (clearly during some passionate time), and then cuddles with him, forcing him to be the little spoon. Always the little spoon. Could be worse Stiles, you could hook up with a girl who dies in a ritual sacrifice before you can seal the deal. Oh wait, that's already happened to you. Malia is clearly a big step up.

Images: MTV, stilesism/Tumblr, soshell311/Tumblr