Yes, Plus Size Women Can Wear Co-Ords, Too

This year has seen a lot of major fashion changes in the plus-size world. Marie Claire columnist and editor (not to mention wondrous fashion blogger) Nicolette Mason announced she'd be releasing an exclusive 11-piece collection on ModCloth this fall. Blogger Gabi Gregg designed another bikini in collaboration with Swimsuits for All — and it was just as amazing as her 2013 pieces. And even Tim Gunn told The Hollywood Reporter that he'd love to see a season of Project Runway featuring models size 12 and up. All of these developments have been steps toward body and size diversity, and have enabled the usual pessimist in me to take a slightly more optimistic outlook on the future of plus-retail.

It's this newfound optimism that made me think of incorporating my love of fashion and size acceptance into a little monthly column here on Bustle. I hope "Yes, Plus Size Girls Can Wear..." becomes a space to highlight some of the most beautiful (and coolest!) trends out there in plus-sizes every four weeks, but also a little extra corner of the Internet for fuller-figured women looking for inspiration — be it in fashion or just day-to-day life.

For this first post, I wanted to highlight one of the major trends of the year: the co-ord (a.k.a. coordinate). When I first started seeing these matchy-matchy pieces popping up on sites like ASOS and Eloquii, I immediately associated them with the old skirt and pant suits my mom used to wear in her early days of teaching when she was thoroughly preoccupied with making a good impression. But co-ords are far from boring or suit-y. They're actually a brilliant way of keeping your ensemble interesting if you don't want to go for a traditional dress or skirt, and enable a lot of mix and matching you might not get otherwise.

What I especially love about this trend is that it creates extremely easy day-to-night transformation. A lot of co-ord sets can be jazzed up to look like work-wear with very little effort involved (with the addition of a collared blouse, for instance). But paired with a crop top or fun leather jacket, you instantly have a gorgeous (not to mention comfortable) evening outfit, perfect for cocktail parties or nights at the bar with friends.

It seems like designers and brands are embracing the co-ord all around, so I thought I'd gather up my 11 favorites currently on the market. Some are retro; some are working girl; some are mildly bedazzled. But they all come from pure talent and unique designers with a flare for body positivity.


Studio Beaded Skirt, $118, Eloquii | Studio Beaded Kimono Jacket, $138, Eloquii

Placed Lace Stripe Pencil Skirt, $68, Eloquii | Placed Lace Stripe Top, $58, Eloquii

Steady Clothing

Breakfast Club Skirt, $79, Steady Clothing | Breakfast Club Top, $48, Steady Clothing

ASOS Curve

Tailored Short in Festival Print, $48, ASOS | Soft Blazer in Festival Print, $67, ASOS

Pephem Skirt in Winter Rose Pink, $61, ASOS | Scuba T-Shirt in Winter Rose Pink, $48, ASOS

Zelie for She

Monroe Skirt, $49, Zelie For She | Monroe Bralette, $40, Zelie For She

Whimsical Embroidered Skirt, $85, Zelie For She | Pearl Crop Top, $36, Zelie For She

Fashion to Figure

Sabrina Pencil Skirt, $29, Fashion to Figure | Sabrina Cropped Top, $23, Fashion to Figure

Elise Textured Point Skirt, $29, Fashion to Figure | Elize Textured Crop Top, $25, Fashion to Figure


Gumball or Nothing Skirt, $15, Mod Cloth | Gumball or Nothing Top, $11, Mod Cloth

Lane Collection by Lane Bryant

Layered High-Low Skirt, $45, Lane Bryant | Embellished Tank, $35, Lane Bryant