Dude, Dan-Rad Is a Total Boss

Is that you, Harry Potter? Could it really be? Why yes, that is Daniel Radcliffe smoking a cigarette and walking many, many dogs in the photo below. You can see that every passerby in the photo is stopping to gawk — they're all like, whoa, Daniel Radcliffe! And, cool dog-walking contraption!

Now, believe it or not, this bizarre and hilarious photo is actually very educational. There's so much we can learn from this image! Here's what I gathered:

Daniel Radcliffe Smokes

Probably because he's a serious actOR — or it's how he lets out his frustration about his lack of Tony nominations.

He's A Dog Man

I once read somewhere that men who like dogs are trustworthy, so THIS IS A GOOD THING. You can keep your trust in Daniel Radcliffe (even if you're sad about the fact that he has a girlfriend. Look, SOMEONE'S gotta help him with the dogs!).

The Fanny-Pack Dog Leash Is A Thing

You can see Radcliffe's subtext as he puffs that cigarette — look ma, no hands! The fanny-pack dog leash lets you smoke cigarettes and walk nine plus dogs. Why don't people in New York employ this move more frequently? (You can almost feel that a woman in the picture is stopping everything she's doing to text her dog walker about the fanny-pack dog leash that holds MANY, MANY dogs.)

In Daniel Radcliffe's Down Time, He Takes On Odd Jobs

Other plausible justifications for this picture include that he likes to help out everyone he knows who has canine pals or he just has that many dogs — like a cat lady, but with dogs and a Y chromosome.

Take a look, and discover what you learn.

UPDATE: It appears that this glorious photo is not the product of Daniel Radcliffe's canine obsession, but the product of Hollywood. According to The Huffington Post, Radcliffe was on the set for the upcoming Trainwreck . He was also seen with these dogs with Marisa Tomei, and Judd Apatow was posing nearby. Apatow tweeted that no, Daniel Radcliff was not making a cameo in the movie, he was walking tons of dogs, but it's highly likely that he was just joking so that the cameo could remain a surprise for audiences. Ah, well — we still have this wondrous image and the knowledge of the fanny-pack dog leash.