Where Is This Season's '16 and Pregnant' Gang Now?

by Anam Syed

On the surface, MTV's docu-series 16 and Pregnant might just seem like another flimsy reality show littering the television universe. While some might argue the show glamorizes teenage pregnancy, a poll from January 2014 showed that both 16 and Pregnant and its sister series Teen Mom have been linked to reduced pregnancy rates. It seems that the shows let teens see the consequences and challenges of an unplanned teenage pregnancy and subsequently decide to avoid going through one of their own. Clearly, the teens who have decided to share their stories by appearing on 16 & Pregnant are helping others, and gaining plenty of fans along the way. Fans who want to know what happened to the young mothers after their time on MTV comes to an end.

Not all of 16 & Pregnant's stars join Teen Mom, though many have important stories worth seeing more of. For every Farrah Abraham that has us collectively clutching our pearls, there is a multi-dimensional story like that of Jenelle Evans, who struggles with drug use and volatile relationships.

So now that the Season 5 finale is upon us, where are the girls now? We did a little research to see how our favorite moms from this season and their babies are doing now.


You should remember Maddy Godsey from this season's premiere way back in April. Her mother only gave her a month to continue living in her home post-baby, so she was forced to either move in with her boyfriend's parents or her faraway father. She went on to do both, choosing her father after her boyfriend Cody was acting distant. Life since then has been bittersweet for Maddy. Her social media profiles seem to suggest she is very happy and healthy out with her dad, and is madly in love with her daughter. But in a teaser clip released online to OK! Magazine, Maddy and Cody sat down with Dr. Drew and revealed Maddy felt "bad for her daughter" given how little Cody was invested in her life.


Wet Paint reports that Summer Rewis is dealing with a cheating beau, a fact confirmed on her twitter feed as late as last month. Summer once again referenced the breakup just days ago.

Aside from infidelity drama, Summer seems to be doing well with the baby, littering her Instagram feed with tons of mommy-baby selfies. However, her own mother seems to be scarce in the photos, which leads us to believe they still have a rocky relationship.


Jordan Cashmyer was the teenage mother that tugged at our heartstrings the most. Faced with a partner who refused to work, Jordan struggled with homelessness on top of everything else. Teen Mom Junkies reports that Jordan and Derek are still together and have since found lodging with Derek's grandparents in Maryland. Also, according to Twitter, it appears the couple are now sporting matching tattoos as well.


Courtney Ames, 16 and Pregnant's post-pregnancy abstinence advocate (not to be confused with the Bling Ring member of the same name) spends some of her post-show time defending the other teen moms from haters on Facebook. Her post-show status reported via Teen Mom Junkies suggests she is keeping her vow of chastity, while still maintaining her relationship with her boyfriend.

No matter which 16 & Pregnant castmember is your favorite, they're all worth keep tracking of, if for no other reason than seeing how adorable all of their kids are.

Images: maddyxgodsey/Twitter (2), summer15/Instagram, cashhhh/Twitter, Courtney Ames Official/Facebook