What Was 'Frozen' Originally Going To Look Like?

Before "Let It Go" tested the vocal cords of little girls around the globe, before hundreds of moms tried to plot ways to get Frozen merchandise for their kids, before there was a huge amount of parodies of the most popular songs — there were the original images from Frozen . The Huffington Post brought these pictures to our attention, and they sure bring back memories of the Disney Days of Yore. In fact, these images conjured up the memories of hand-drawn animated classics for a lot of people, which is why Frozen ended up going the CGI route.

Apparently, 2009's hand-drawn animated musical The Princess And The Frog underperformed at the box office — at least, compared to the CGI animated musical, Tangled. Further, Disney execs likely thought giving Frozen a more modern look might help it succeed and surely, with Frozen being the highest grossing animated film of all time, no one's complaining. While hand-drawn animated Disney musicals will always have a place in many peoples' hearts (like mine!), Frozen might not have become the cinematic behemoth it is today if it stuck with the old guard.

However, that doesn't mean we'll be shielded forever from what the movie was originally supposed to look like. Disney visual development artist Cory Loftis has posted some of the original artwork on his Tumblr. Take a look, and you can see what Frozen might have been.

Images: Disney; Corey Loftis/Tumblr