Her 'TFIOS'/'Notebook' Comparison Actually Works

Guess who hopped on the John Green bandwagon? Kim Kardashian finally saw The Fault In Our Stars. (Of course, she probably didn't read the book, but oh well.) Apparently she brought the "whole family" with her to the movies. I'm not sure if that means everyone in the Kardashian-Jenner krew attended. Like, do you really think Bruce went? And Kanye West? Doubtful. Anyway, after seeing it, she tweeted, "This movie OMG it's literally my new Notebook." She even included star emojis, obviously trying to illustrate the movie's title.

Spoilers ahead! (For both movies. Hey, maybe some of you still haven't seen Notebook.)

Let's ignore Kim's misuse of the word "literally." Instead, I'll focus on the fact that she actually makes a valid comparison. I know, I know. It sounds crazy. At first, I was annoyed by her statement, thinking she was so caught up in Augustus's "It's a metaphor" quote that she tried creating one of her own. But after thinking about it, the two movies have more in common than just being tearjerkers and amazing love stories. Before you argue that Allie and Noah got a lifetime of happiness in The Notebook while Hazel and Augustus's time together was way shorter, keep Hazel's quote in mind: "Some infinities are bigger than other infinities."

Here are nine similarities between the two films:

1. In each story, the male returns from a battle.

For Noah, it's an actual war, since he goes off to WWII. But arguably, Augustus losing his leg to osteosarcoma counts as a war-like fight, too.

2. And the female lead is fighting an illness.

Allie suffers from Alzheimer's, causing her memory to come and go. Meanwhile, Hazel's thyroid cancer puts her oxygen intake forever in flux.

3. Both girls are skeptical at first.

They have their guards up and doubt the boys' sincerity. Allie reluctantly agrees to a date when they meet at the carnival, while Augustus first invites Hazel over to watch a movie.

4. But with really amazing dates, they win them over.

The canoe ride between Allie and Noah is a classic. And the picnic Augustus takes Hazel on is perfect in its own way.

5. Noah and Augustus are both risk-takers.

That whole lying-in-the-middle-of-the-street thing is comparable to Augustus's cigarette metaphor, right? Right?

6. And they're the greatest gift givers.

Augustus uses his Make-A-Wish to bring Hazel to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author. Meanwhile, Noah builds Allie a house. A HOUSE. Any candy or chocolate on Valentine's Day is now automatically inferior.

7. The couples bond over a book.

In The Notebook, it's the movie's namesake. Noah repeatedly reads Allie their own love story. For TFIOS, the pair bonds over Hazel's fave, An Imperial Affliction.

8. The guys express their love through letters.

Noah never stopped writing Allie, and Gus wrote how much he loved Hazel in the letter she received after his death.

9. The characters were inspired by real people.

Nicholas Sparks said Allie and Noah's relationship is based off of his wife's grandparents, who were together for over 60 years. John Green's Hazel is mirrored after Esther, a teenager who lost her battle to thyroid cancer at age 16.

Agree or disagree, Kim's comparison gives us an excuse to go watch both movies again. Just make sure you stock up on tissues!

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