Meet 'OUAT's Anna From 'Frozen'!

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Do you wanna build a snowman? This recent college graduate does — actress Elizabeth Lail just got cast as Frozen 's Anna on ABC's Once Upon A Time . And Oncers can't wait to build a snowman with her, either. Lail, who graduated from University of North Carolina in May 2014, has landed one of the most anticipated roles of OUAT Season 4 since the OUAT Season 3 finale introduced Princess Elsa. I can't say I'm not disappointed that it isn't Kristen Bell reprising her role, but Lail's already proven, on social media, that she's going to be the perfect Anna.

Lail's got the physical part of Arendelle's younger princess in the bag — the actress has Anna's blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. I mean, one look at Lail's headshot above and you can clearly tell that she got extra points for being naturally graced with the look of a Disney princess. But aside from being almost physically identical to Frozen's protagonist, a quick look at Lail's Instagram account reveals that she shares a HUGE characteristic like with Anna and a love for intricate, braided hairstyles.

While the soon-to-be-breakout actress' resumé is a little light, she's very much prepared to be Anna — Lail graduated from a School of the Arts and appeared in 12 stage plays during her time there. But really, what's most important here is that she knows what that smell is (chocolate).

She's A Fan Of A Good Love Story

Who doesn't love this Nicolas Sparks film adaptation starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane? Cue, "For The First Time In Forever."

She Rocks Braids

An absolute must if you're playing this princess.

She Loves Chocolate

I wanna stuff some chocolate in my faaaace — or drink it, whatever floats your boat.

She Likes Warm Hugs

So she'll get along great with that ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY CGI Olaf that OUAT needs to have next season.

She's Close To Her Sister

She doesn't have icy-blonde hair, but the relationship between Elsa and Anna is what Frozen's all about — so how many times has Lial knocked on her sister's bedroom door and asked, "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

Can't wait to see her in OUAT Season 4.

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