Smart Bras? It Might Be Next in Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is hotter than ever and while they're becoming more fashionable, they aren't becoming more functional — for women, least. But thankfully, we've got more gals working in the tech space who completely understand where we're coming from, and they're definitely looking out for us. At the head of that crew is Parisa Tabriz, Google's so-called "Security Princess." Tabriz is the head of Google Chrome security and she knows everything there is to know about protecting the user. In a recent interview with Elle, Tabriz revealed that she and her team are working to create new, embeddable technologies that will soon make logging in and entering passwords so last year. And because she is, in fact, a woman, she wants to make sure they're more female-friendly.

So, what does Tabriz have in mind? Smart chips. Smart chips can be embedded into everyday accessories, which can then unlock devices. The obvious place for one of these would be your smartphone. But Tabriz doesn't think that's the best place for the ladies. "I think phones are designed for men, because they're big and don't fit into your pockets all the time. But I'm always wearing a bra. I usually have earrings [on]."

Smart bras? And earrings? Now that is some high-tech stuff. I can't help but think of all those sci-fi movies where the character presses a button hidden in their belt and it turns into a teleportation device...or something. And while we may be a little far from that, the days of using your bra to log in to your Paypal and Gmail accounts might not be. Um, how incredible would that be?