In Other News, Aug. 2, 2013: 40 Days Of Dating, Mars Rovers, And Princesses

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Two graphic-designer friends in New York City, one a commitment-probe and the other a serial monogamist, have decided to see what happens if they date exclusively and frequently for 40 days. You can follow their "40 Days Of Dating" experience here.

Texas, which has executed five times more prisoners than any other state, is running out of its primary lethal sedative. When supplies of the drug the state formerly used dried up, Texas switched to pentobarbital, but has admitted that it's almost finished its stock — and the state isn't sure exactly what it'll do next.

A Martin Luther King misquote on show beside his statue on Washington's National Mall is being redone. What King actually said was: "If you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice. Say that I was a drum major for peace. I was a drum major for righteousness." At the moment, the inscription reads: “I was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness.” Maya Angelou pointed out this made King sound like an "arrogant twat." Correcting it will cost a casual $700,000.

Marissa Meyer is expensively re-structuring Yahoo's entire research unit, which was downsized under Yahoo's former boss. Meyer is hiring 50 researchers with PhDs, and the team will be led by, uh, one of the guys that invented the Internet.

Speaking of, Americans really are beckoning in a new age of technology. A study out today finds that, for the first ever, we spend more time consuming digital media than we do watching TV.

The Supreme Court will soon decide whether CEOs are allowed to impose their religious convictions on their employees, an issue that's stemmed from the debate about contraception under corporate packages last summer.

Facebook is proving increasingly problematic for domestic violence victims in an age where privacy is negotiable. So Facebook has launched a domestic violence privacy guide.

One of life's big questions coming up: why on earth does Iceland have so many translations of the word 'four?'

Here's what the last year has been like for the Mars Rover, condensed into an easy-to-watch two minutes.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on YouTube

Apparently they're already in the process of making a full-length feature film about Bradley Manning. Even though he hasn't actually been sentenced yet, so that might hold up the script a bit...

You know what's better than two Avatar sequels, asked James Cameron to the world? Three, he answered. Definitely three.

Super Mario Bros has found itself getting an edgy, modern revamp...

Deloix on YouTube

Lionel Messi, often described as the greatest football player of all time, has brought his talents to this Adidas ad, where they've hooked him up with a bunch of LED lights. The results are hypnotizing...


Because it's Friday, here's a video of a turtle coming on way too strong with this very hard-to-get cat.


Finally, if you've ever wondered what Kate Middleton's actual occupation is, it says right here on baby George's birth certificate.

William hasn't got great handwriting, so we'll save you the time: her job is listed as "Princess." Just like Disney.