World Cup Hair: The 29 Best Sets Of Strands on The Soccer Field

MANAUS, BRAZIL - JUNE 21: Kyle Beckerman of the United States works out during training at Arena Amazonia on June 21, 2014 in Manaus, Brazil. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Source: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Yeah, I'm into soccer. My bracket is doing... well, it's doing fine, considering I'm definitely guilty of only following the sport when the World Cup comes around every four years. One thing I am absolutely certain of is that soccer players have, as a whole, the best freaking hair in the entire sports world. Maybe it's because it's a mostly European sport? Maybe it's just because they don't have helmets to cover them up? Whatever the reason, you certainly don't see styles like these in American football or basketball on the regular.

From mohawks and fauxhawks to dreads and afros, there isn't a stray strand in sight as the players sprint across the field in the sweltering Brazilian heat. It's honestly impressive, and I'm a little bit jealous of their coiffing abilities. Those boys must go through more gel than the Broadway revival of Hedwig And The Angry Inch on a daily basis. 

So, with the finals just around the corner, and all the face painted fans biting their nails in anticipation, what better time than now to throw together a very scientific, very definitive ranking of all the best hair in the final 16 World Cup teams? And by all means, if you think I missed anyone, let's talk about it on Twitter.

29. Gianluigi Buffon — Italy

Nothing too wild, but dang, that's one nice head of hair.

28. Neymar Jr — Brazil

Wow, I haven't seen frosted tips that good since I dumped my middle school boyfriend.

27. Carlos CARBONERO — Colombia

Such a nice, understated 'hawk.

26. DeAndre Yedlin — USA

Sadly, Yedlin dyed his blonde curls back to their natural brown state recently.

25. Cristiano Ronaldo — Portugual

He gets bonus points for the eyebrows, obviously.

24. Ioannis FETFATZIDIS — Greece

And he for the beard.

23. Serey Die — Côte d'Ivoire 

Die rocking the skunk-chic look better than even a skunk could.

22. John Boye — Ghana

I dig all these bleach jobs so hard.

21. Ermin Bicakcic — Bosnia

Straight up defying gravity.

20. Admir MEHMEDI — Switzerland

I dunno why, but this cut just strikes me as nice guy hair. Like I would want to grab a friendly beer with those ringlets. 

19. Danijel PRANJIC — Croatia

I bet that mohawk would legitimately be painful to touch.

18. Saphir TAIDER — Algeria

This 'hawk, however, looks soft and lovely.

17. Guillermo Ochoa — Mexico

The most majestic headband on the field.

16. Mario Balotelli — Italy

How does one even get mohawk lines that straight?!

15. Bacary Sagna — France


14. Abel HERNANDEZ — Uruguay

Man buns 4 ever.

13. Graham Zusi — USA

Man bands are also great.

12. Charles ITANDJE — Cameroon

When the second tiniest little mohawk meets the second biggest beard.

11. Raul MEIRELES — Portugual

When the tiniest little mohawk meets the biggest beard.

10. David Luiz — Brazil

Are these the happiest curls on the planet?

9. Willian — Brazil

Or maybe these?

8. Marcelo — Brazil

Oh, nope. These are.

7. Dante — Brazil

Wait, no, these. Brazil wins Happiest Hair At The World Cup.

6. Mathieu Debuchy — France

Ugh. I'm such a sucker for a skeezy hipster cut.

5. Benjamin MOUKANDJO — Cameroon

This is just plain fun.

4. Asamoah Gyan — Ghana

In case the big gold '3' on his jersey wasn't enough, Gyan also included his number in his hairstyle. 

3. Andrea Pirlo — Italy

I wish Pirlo's hair was on my head.

2. Jermaine Jones — USA

Ooh, he kinda looks like a sexy spider here.

1. Kyle Beckerman — USA

~dreadlocks flowing in the wind~

Worst Hair: Rodrigo Palacio — Argentina

Seriously, WTF, guy?

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