'Return to Amish' Andrew & Chapel's Wedding Seems Like It Was Surprisingly Free of Drama

You do not need to have watched an episode of Bridezillas to know that weddings always bring a lot of drama. What should be a joyous occasion for Return to Amish 's Andrew and Chapel, who we just saw get engaged in a recent episode, has turned into a contentious situation. But it's always an ordeal whenever a Schmucker does anything, isn't it?

During last Sunday's episode, Abe and Rebecca had some real talk with Andrew and Chapel when they went to visit a potential venue for their wedding reception. There was already bad energy in the air when Abe discovered the venue had a bar, which is a no-no for an Amish wedding. This wasn't going to be a traditional Amish wedding anyway, but Abe still likes to be respectful whenever he can. Then Abe and Rebecca had the brilliant idea of confronting Andrew and telling him to get his act straight since they had been hearing rumors around town about his misbehavior while on probation. As expected, Andrew didn't take it well, storming out of the hall, while Chapel yelled at Abe and Rebecca for not cutting their bro some slack. With all of this going on, Abe and Rebecca said they couldn't attend the wedding.

So things were already off to a great start with this wedding. At least Andrew could rest easy knowing that the one and only Matthew Bristol, his castmate on Breaking Amish: LA who now designs clothing in Pennsylvania, would be making Andrew's suit. Hopefully in the next episode we'll get to see the suit fitting, because we could all use more Bristol in our lives.

We'll probably see more wedding planning in upcoming Return to Amish episodes, but you can already catch a glimpse of Andrew and Chapel tying the knot from photos released online. According to Starcasm.net, Andrew and Chapel got married on May 10 in Rossiter, Pennsylvania. Photos from an undisclosed Facebook user show Andrew and Chapel getting married under a tent in the great outdoors. The whole Schmucker family was in tow, including Abe and Rebecca. And it also looks like Andrew's sister Katie Ann is not in her usual Amish attire, but a sleeveless dress, which shows that maybe she has decided to break away from the Amish after all. Kate also showed up, and Jeremiah looks to be in some group photo with the bride and groom either pre- or post-nuptials, but Sabrina is nowhere to be found in these photos.

Another fun fact: Chapel walked down the aisle to her friend and local musician Joey Walters performing his original song "The Castle and the Rose," according to her Facebook page. So appearing on Return to Amish is a nice little break for him, I guess?

With Chapel's ongoing cancer battle, she and Andrew have a difficult road ahead, but it's comforting to know that these two crazy kids were able to tie the knot. Here's hoping there won't be any more shocking revelations during another "Shunning Truth" special at the end of this season.

Images: TLC, octopussoir-/Tumblr, Andrew and Chapel Schmucker - Return to Amish/Facebook