When Is Jessica Simpson Getting Married? Her Wedding Is Right Around the Corner

Wedding season is in full swing, kids. In addition to those gloating photos from your high school peers eating up your Facebook feed, this means we have plenty of celeb nuptials to look forward to! Jessica Simpson and her beau Eric Johnson have been waiting in the wings for their wedding for quite some time now. The singer/mother of creatively-named child Ace Knute has been engaged to her football player fiancé for four years. When will Jessica Simpson get married already and stop teasing us? Believe it or not, it could be happening very, very soon. Brace yourselves, guys. There’s no going back to the Nick Lachey days.

From the intel circulating out there on the Internet, we can draw a pretty specific conjecture. Perez Hilton reports that the couple will be married Fourth of July weekend. Oh, wait… That’s this weekend! It’s gonna be a real patriotic wedding – Simpson style. That is, the congregation will not only celebrate the union of these two hyper American individuals, they’ll also celebrate the birthday of the grand old U.S. of A. ‘Murrica!!

Simpson, 33, and Johnson, 34, announced their engagement back in 2010. Since then, wedding planning has apparently taken some serious time and effort. It sounds like the singer wants the ceremony for her second marriage to be an exponentially extravagant affair. A friend of Simpson’s told In Touch Magazine that "Jessica wants it to be the hugest, grandest event of the year.” While the Kimye wedding will be a hard act to follow, it'll be interesting to see what Simpson has up her sleeve. The couple is reportedly tying the knot at San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif.

This place:

Her venue looks positively idyllic. Furthermore, the In Touch story reveals that there will be a barbecue and a massive fireworks display. Great! More evidence that this will be a joint America's birthday/Jessica's wedding celebration.

Regardless of what goes down, we’re bracing ourselves for pictures of that wedding dress. It's officially time to start tracking her Instagram. No word yet on the shoes she’ll be rocking. Just saying, anything other than a pair of Jessica Simpson heels is utter blasphemy.