'Return to Amish' Mary & Jeremiah Are an Odd but Perfect Couple (No, Not Like That!)

We've seen a lot of couples form in the original Breaking Amish crew since the series premiered in 2012: Abe and Rebecca, Jeremiah and Sabrina, Andrew and Chapel. With this season of Return to Amish , we can now add one more to the list: Mary and Jeremiah.

Ex-Amish Jeremiah and Abe and Andrew's still-Amish mother Mary haven't always been besties. On Breaking Amish: Brave New World, Jeremiah flipped out when Mary decided to come to Florida and stay with the youngsters. But now on Return to Amish, Mary has opened up her home for Jeremiah to stay in, and the two have even gone into business together, selling Amish blankets, sweets, and other handmade goods.

However, in Sunday night's episode, it looks like Jeremiah has something serious to tell Mary and her husband Chester. It also seems like Mary is about to drop her own truth bomb to Jeremiah and the rest of the Breaking Amish gang. Could it be that she has decided to follow the Amish Church's orders and cut off all communication with her loved ones who have already left the Amish? I have a feeling if that is her news, it won't last for long. Still, I don't want to live in a world without the dynamic duo of "Mar and Jer."

It may seem odd that the mild-mannered mother hen of the group and quite possibly the most rebellious member of the cast have struck up such a friendship, but they actually make a great couple. First of all, Mary is not as reserved as she seems. We've all seen her throw back a few vodka cranberries this season, so she would fit right in with Jeremiah's hard partying ways. They also both seem to want what they want when they want it, and Mary can hold her own against Jeremiah's seemingly more boisterous demeanor in arguments.

Don't get the wrong idea, there's no Mrs. Robinson funny business here (thank goodness). Mary truly is like a mother to Jeremiah. She has somehow been able to reel in his hot temper and inspired him to live a productive life. It was Jeremiah's idea to start a business selling Mary's Amish creations, but he couldn't have done it without, for one, her skills, and two, Chester's inability to work as a result of getting shunned for Mary's actions, which inspired the business idea in the first place. Jeremiah looking out for Mary and her family also shows that he has a soft spot for her, and it's quite the achievement for this tough nut to crack.

Mary is also one of the few people on the show Jeremiah has opened up to. During last Sunday's episode, Jeremiah revealed to Mary that his adoptive mother told him she regretted adopting him, which made us all feel bad about hating on Jeremiah because he has clearly gone through some things in his life. Mary was there to comfort him, but it was still sad to hear that Jeremiah thinks he can't trust anyone. Did anyone else yell at the TV screen, "You can trust Mary, Jeremiah! She's right in front of you!" Alas, I don't think he heard me.

Thankfully, it looks like Mary and Jeremiah are still friends. Jeremiah is peddling some of Mary's afghans on his Facebook page, and even soliciting advice on how to get Mary to meet the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. Does anyone else smell a TLC crossover episode in the works? Caputo could churn some butter while trying not to break one of her super-long nails and Mary could get a makeover to look like Caputo. If that doesn't happen, can we at least get a "Mar and Jer" spinoff a la Kourtney and Kim Take Miami? Think about it, TLC.

Images: TLC, Giphy, cockbl0calypse/Tumblr