His Obsession with Amber is Not Cute

by Kadeen Griffiths

When Caleb Reynolds took an immediate liking to Amber Borzotra on Big Brother, we were sure we had all the makings of a beautiful — if one-sided — showmance on our hands. Now, as things are heating up between Frankie Grande and Zach Rance or "Zankie", as the fans affectionately call it, things are seriously cooling between Caleb and Amber. In fact, they should probably be cooling even more quickly than they are. Caleb's obsessive crush on Amber has gone from sort of sweet to sort of creepy and Wednesday morning's live feed put a huge nail in that coffin.

For those who weren't tuning in, Caleb confessed his feelings to Amber on the feeds Sunday morning and she essentially shot him down, stating that she just wanted to be friends. Caleb did not take this well. In fact, in all of the days following her polite refusal of his affections, he's done very little besides go around the house moping. That would be fine, short a time though it's been since they've met, but his moping involves a lot of walking up to other members of the house and talking about Amber. Seriously, if there was anyone in the house who didn't know that Amber had broken his heart, then Caleb made sure to fix that.

Things only got worse on Monday when Devin revealed to Caleb that Amber had said that Caleb was "all about himself" and that she "doesn't like him like that". He also mentioned that Amber had revealed to him in confidence that she was attracted to black guys, like Devin, and that she wasn't looking for a showmance regardless. To say that Caleb took this all poorly would be an understatement. Incensed that Amber had called him self-centered, Caleb resolved to get over her, move on, and freeze her out.

By Tuesday Caleb was convinced that Amber had been using him while talking bad about him behind his back and that he could send her home if he wanted to because of that. Although he repeatedly declared that he was over her and ready to get his head back in the game, this all came to a head late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning when Caleb told Devin that Amber would like him "if [he] was a little darker." Um. What?

I can't help but think that this is what comes from the "Blurred Lines" generation of thinking. Caleb is acting like a man scorned even though Amber has been clear and upfront with him from the start that she isn't interested in him that way and that his feelings for her are completely one-sided. She's never led him on, she's never tried to manipulate him, and she hasn't even spent that much time with him ever since she turned him down.

Yet Caleb is acting like she owes him something just because he wants her. Newsflash: She doesn't. If she gets sent home just because Caleb's ego can't handle rejection without painting Amber as some kind of villain for telling it like it is, then Caleb is going to replace Zach as the new villain of season 16. Amber doesn't have to like him just because he's Head of Household. She doesn't have to like him at all, dark skin or no dark skin.

Get over it, Caleb. You only met her less than a month ago and she has a right not to want you back.

Image: Tumblr