These Baby Products Are Adult-Friendly

Baby products are so much fun — and I'm not just talking about Prince George-branded items, although that little guy is presh. There's something about a waft of the soft scent of Johnson's Baby Lotion up my nose that is instantly comforting. If pink had a smell, this would be it, and not just because the bottle and the cream itself are a blush shade. Even as an adult, I still gravitate towards baby products because they smell so fresh and pure.

While some of the products, like the gentle shampoo, really are meant for baby only, due to the the pH formulation — the higher acidity of a "no tears" 'poo will wreak havoc on your strands — the skin products are divine and let you, well, baby your skin! They are also perfectly suited for adult use. Since parents are using their hands to massage these products into their newborn's skin, it must be safe and balanced for them, as well.

Plus, who doesn't want to be baby soft? Who cares if you're oven is and always has been bun-less. You can still use baby products. I do. All the time.

On a side notem and without getting too mired in the science, Johnson has reformulated some of their key products, such as the Baby Lotion and Head-to-Toe Wash, removing some ingredients that were questioned by consumers and concerned moms, changing with the times and renewing their pledge to keep the products safe for baby.

These are the products that are suitable for babies and moms, or non-moms who want to be gentle with their skin.

1. Johnson's Baby Lotion

It's rich and softening, gentle on baby, and still thick and nourishing enough for adult skin. Did I mention the smell? Yeah, okay, I did. That's a major reason I use this stuff, since the fresh, clean, and just-from-the-shower scent lingers and reminds me of living at home and being in Catholic grade school, since my mom had a daycare business. This smell was totally prevalent at my house and is linked to positive memories. But my skin lurves me when I use this lotion and I bury my face in my arm to get a whiff of Eau de Baby Lotion. You can seriously skip the spritz of perfume, lather yourself with this product instead, and enjoy the same effect.

Johnson's Baby Lotion, $4, Amazon

2. Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash

It's not super sudsy nor does it have a strong, memorable smell, but it does work itself into a gentle lather and my skin looks, feels, and is scrubbed clean when I use it. I'll be honest; I even use it to clean my dog's tail pocket, since it's sensitive tissue and needs to be cleaned daily. Another genius use? As a face wash! If you have dry or even sensitive skin, swap this out with your normal facial cleanser.

Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, $6, Amazon

3. Burt's Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil

This apricot-infused oil is slightly thicker than most oils, but it smells divine and totally translates to adult skin, as well. It absorbs and doesn't that leave annoying residue that comes off on clothes or gets in the tips of hair. Whew.

Burt's Bees Baby Oil, $11, Amazon

4. Johnson's Baby Powder

Do we really even need to discuss? It's the best smell ever and keeps me dry and fresh on those icky humid days, many of which are on the horizon! Plus, you can use it as a dry shampoo in a pinch, but only if you have lighter hair. Using it on black or dark brown hair might give you a gray patina or Halloween effect, so file that in your hard drive for October and your costume ideas.

Johnson's Baby Powder, $5, Amazon

5. California Baby Calming Cream

A tub of awesome! The supremely hydrating formula is infused with essential oils and the brand even recommends dads use it post-shaving. So I stole their idea: I use it after shaving my legs and it seeps into my thirsty skin.

California Baby Calming Moisturizing Cream, $19, Amazon

Images: Johnson's (2)/Target/Burt's Bees/California Baby