Adore Delano's "Party" Proves She Is the New Katy Perry — VIDEO

Adore Delano just released the music video for her new single, appropriately titled after the singer's catchphrase, "Party," and it's a fun, bratty anthem just in time for your July Fourth BBQ. In the video, Delano (the stage name of singer/vlogger/drag performer Danny Noriega), dresses like a messed-up Alice in Wonderland and throws tantrum after tantrum until she gets what she wants at her backyard birthday party. It's glorious, frilly, pop-tacular fluff, as well as further proof that Adore Delano is headed for mainstream pop stardom.

While Noriega first made a name for himself as a contestant on American Idol Season 7, the world didn't meet Ms. Delano until RuPaul's Drag Race, where she stood out as an '80s-throwback party girl who comfortably straddled the line between glamour and trash. Delano is a consummate entertainer with a powerhouse voice, excellent stage presence, a fierceness undercut by definite sweetness, and a killer wardrobe you're going to want to steal.

All of this is to say that Ms. Delano reminds me quite a lot of another pop princess, Katy Perry, whose video for "Birthday" seems like a natural companion to the recently released "Party" video. After all, what's a "Birthday" without a "Party"?

These two have a lot of things in common, actually. For instance:

That '80s Princess Style

The Ability to Rock Blue Hair

A "IDGAF" Attitude

Amazing Pipes

A Pre-Fame Career

Oh, and a Ton of Wigs

Still don't believe me? Check out the video below: