Katy Perry's New Fragrance Ad Might Look Cool But Beyonce Did It First — PHOTO

It's a tough world out there for pop stars when it comes to new marketing, branding or reinvention — because nine times out of ten, Beyoncé has already done it. Such is the case for the master of bubblegum, Katy Perry. Katy Perry premiered a new ad for her fragrance Killer Queen's Royal Revolution on Instagram Wednesday. Aside from the lengthy and jumbled name, the ad looks like a knock-off version of Beyoncé's Mrs. Carter Show World Tour ad. Perry, decked in royal blue and gold and holding a sword is the Wicked Witch version of Queen Bey's glowing Glinda.

Perry might dub herself the Killer Queen, but Queen Bey reigns supreme in the world of pop music. Beyoncé pretty much does everything first because she's like The Simpsons of Top 40. Sure, Perry's ad has more feathers, darker hues, and a suit of armor, but it still pales in comparison to Bey's royal sceptre, crown, throne, and heaps of furs. Beyoncé's ad came out well over a year ago, but it's still unforgettable. In fact, the ad was so impactful it spawned countless analyses and essays over its name, imagery, and meaning.

I doubt that Perry's ad is purposefully trying to step on Beyoncé's royal territory. We just live in Beyoncé's world and have to accept that any new ad, tour, costume, red carpet look, music video concept, or album art will probably look like something Bey did. Be aware Ms. Perry, the Beygency is REAL!

At the end of the day, we have two women at the top of their game asserting powerful positions in their public image — and that's a good thing. Sure the ads look strikingly similar, but at least what they portray is positive and empowering for women. Let the kingdom grow, ladies.

Here's Katy's new ad:

And here's the ad for the Mrs. Carter World Tour:

Images: KatyPerry/Instagram; HypeTrak/Twitter