Robin Thicke Admits Something About His Relationship With Paula Patton We Can All Agree On

If you've ever stopped and thought to yourself, "What the hell is Robin Thicke doing?!" Rejoice, for you are not alone. Because Robin Thicke has absolutely no idea what he's doing either. And it shows, Robin. IT SHOWS. In what was perhaps the first candid and honest interview he's done since his split with estranged wife, Paula Patton, Thicke went on Good Morning America Wednesday morning and revealed a few little known facts. Or really well known facts that he thought we didn't know despite them being glaringly, painstakingly, humiliatingly obvious.

As you probably know because Robin Thicke sent out a PSA to make sure you did, his new album is titled, "Paula," after, you guessed it, Paula Patton. In what he thinks is a love letter to his wife for his past transgressions, is actually just the grown up, celebrity equivalent to Helga Pataky's closet shrine. It comes as no shock at all that when he admitted to GMA that, "I actually have no idea what I'm doing. I'm just kind of flying by the seat of my pants on this one." Because being dangerously close to a restraining order isn't enough for him apparently.

Perhaps it's time that Thicke takes this public declaration of love private. For the sake of his wife, his child, his marriage, and all of America. We are so, so uncomfortable by the various pelvic-thrusting, crocodile-teared performances. It is truly the worst case of TMI in recent celebrity history. Time to cool it down, Thicke. If it's meant to be, it'll happen.