Video: Girls Gone Wild at Alexander Wang

So in case you didn't hear, a few weeks ago Alexander Wang sent out an invite to a secret event held on the Highline Stages in NYC. No other details aside from date and time were released prior to the event. And on the day of hundreds of fans (probably lots of interns and assistants) showed up to see what the designer would reveal. A private concert? A party? Think of the mass #FOMO induced by those who couldn't attend.

Those who did chance it to line up at the break of dawn — hours before the 2 P.M. start time of the event — found out that the designer was offering up a total dream: Free clothes. Mind you, not just a t-shirt or two, but an all-you-can-grab free for all.

Doesn't that sound like a recipe for WWE smackdown style cat fighting?

It was. And now there's video of it all. (You may need a cocktail for this.)

Hm, reminds me of this movie I saw one (or 17) times...