'Once Upon a Time' Casts Elsa from 'Frozen' & the Resemblance Is Uncanny

It's the casting news that we've all been waiting for since we first saw Queen Elsa of Arendelle appear in Once Upon a Time's season three finale. TV Line reported that Elizabeth Lail will play Anna and Scott Michael Foster will play Kristoff, but Elsa is the one that we all care about. She's the one in the most episodes, she's the one who was the breakout character of Frozen, and she's the one who's about to let it go all over Storybrooke. According to Entertainment Weekly, Elsa will be played by Georgina Haig, best known for her reoccuring role on Fringe, and she's actually kind of perfect.

Once Upon a Time is pretty much known for taking beloved tales and turning them on their heads. We were all shocked that they were getting ready to tackle Frozen so soon after the film came out, but it's made us all more interested in Once Upon a Time than we ever have been before. Haig doesn't have a lot of roles to her name yet, but playing the reoccuring role of Elsa could be what pushes her to superstardom. Frozen is mind-bendingly popular after all. Kristen Bell, who voiced Anna in the movie, wasn't even this universally popular back when she was playing spunky detective Veronica Mars.

So is Georgina Haig a good fit for Elsa? I think so, for a couple of simple reasons.

She's been in fairy tales before.

In 2011, Haig played Zamira in a children's television series called The Elephant Princess. It was about a girl named Alex Winston who discovered that she was the heir to the throne of a magical kingdom and had to master her magical powers and defend her kingdom from those who wanted to take it over. Sound familiar?

She's lost out on two high-profile roles.

According to Wikipedia, Haig was considered for the role of Andromeda in the Wrath of the Titans and for the role of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man. She lost the first role to Rosamund Pike and the second role to Emma Stone, so Once Upon a Time lead her down a path to the big screen that would allow Haig to leave her kingdom of (film franchise) isolation. After all, Jamie Dornan had a reoccuring role in OUAT season one and now he's playing Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey .

She's a newcomer, too.

Like Elizabeth Lail, who will play her onscreen sister, Haig seems to have gotten her start in short films. While she has more projects than Lail, her IMDB page still isn't as extended as one might expect. Their relative little-known status in the film industry could be something for Lail and Haig to bond over that will make their onscreen sisterly chemistry that much more believable.

She has the look.

Peter Bregg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Enough said.

Image: Disney; Tumblr (1; 2; 3)