Olivia Munn Looks Hot In Every Color Of the Rainbow, and Here are 13 Looks to Prove It

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Just as some stars are known for wearing a signature color (Angelina Jolie in black, for example) or sticking to the same designer again and again (yes you, Jennifer Lawrence, with your never-ending allegiance to Dior), other stars are known for their ability to pull off a range of silhouettes, aesthetics, and colors. And if there's one celebrity who can certainly do the latter, it's birthday girl Olivia Munn. While the 34-year-old actress undoubtedly looks good in black, white, and other neutral hues, The Newsroom star also knows her way around bright and bold hues (she probably has her dark hair and enviable olive skin tone to thank for that). But in case you still had any doubts, here are 13 colorful looks that will prove you wrong.

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