What's The Song In The Coca-Cola "Share a Coke" Ad? Prepare To Fall In Love With It

It started in Australia in 2012, and now it's happening in the U.S. for a limited time: Share a Coke! If you want to know whether or not there's a chance you'll find your (or your friend's) name stamped on a Coca-Cola bottle nestled in a convenience store beverage case, you can check online at shareacoke.com. If it is an uncommon or unconventionally spelled moniker, welcome to the club. We'll just have to track down the Share a Coke Tour kiosk or settle for a virtual bottle. Womp womp. Hey, you know what shareacoke.com doesn't tell me? Who is responsible for that sweet song in the "Share a Coke" TV spot. I have to know! [Cue research montage] Aha! The Coca-Cola YouTube page comments pick up the dropped ball: The tune is "Keep Coming Back" by Trimountaine.

Trimountaine is a Portland-based singin' and songwritin' duo comprised of Kelly Anne Masigat and Johnny Clay. According to their CDBaby artist bio, Masigat and Clay have been writing music together since 2010. In 2013, they released Trimountaine, a five-song EP.

"Keep Coming Back" does not appear on Trimountaine, however: Per the Trimountaine Facebook page, they wrote and recorded "Keep Coming Back" for the Coca-Cola ad.

UGH now I'm fixated on the idea of hanging out on a rooftop while I listen to this lovely song and drink a Coke with my name on it. Oh that's right. My name didn't make the cut. A virtual bottle will have to do.

Image: Coca-Cola/YouTube