For 'Cosmopolitan' Cover, Iggy Azalea Wore A Crazy Amazing Bodysuit — Here Are 5 You Can Wear IRL, Really

This rapper is a bodysuit fan. She also loves two-piece ensembles, but for her Cosmo Australia cover, Iggy Azaela rocks a one-piece. The rapper, who is from Oz, poured her frame into a gold-trimmed, sideboob-showing, and belted one-piece by Alon Livne. Yes, it's obvs more runway than realway. Given her statuesque height and genetic gifts, this is an every day piece for someone as "Fancy," as photographed, and as fashionable as Iggy A., but what about me and you? Can we pull this outfit off?

Nahhh. Probs not. Don't despair, though. If you love the look and shape of a bodysuit, you are not SOL.

There are plenty of bodysuit options for girls like us. You know, those of us who are not strutting our stuff on the stage (Hi, Bey! See some of her best stage ensembles while you're at it.) and the aforementioned rap vixen.

A wearable and fashion-forward bodysuit is not as elusive as you'd think. While gold-plated versions like Azalea's or the bear-themed styles that Miley Cyrus favors won't work for your typical Friday, there are cute, comic book superhero-inspired variations and mega glam, super sexy ones, too. Whatever your personal style, be it street and chic or ladylike and luxe, there are lots of bodysuits that can be dressed up or down according to occasion or your whimsy.

First, check out our inspiration — Miss Iggy Azalea and her Cosmo cover in her homeland.

Here are five more wearable but just as worthwhile options. Thanks to the subtle details, these pieces are so much more than ordinary. No, they are not as "Whoa!" as what Azalea is rocking, but they make themselves available for upgrades depending on how you style them.

1. Sheer and Sexy

The Sparkle & Fade mesh bodysuit, perhaps or probably not named after the Everclear album even though '90s nostalgia is so 2014, is a totally peek-a-boo piece with a circular collar, which acts almost like an accessory, and an open back. It is perfect for pairing with a floor-sweeping and flowy skirt for that sexy hippie look. Or you could don a pair of high-waisted and wide-legged slacks (did I just use the word "slacks?!") so you look sleek and modern for a business appointment. ($39, Urban Outfitters)

2. Ladylike

The Lady Lace bodysuit would look adorbs with a black or white trumpet skirt. Right? It's sleeveless and shows a slight bit of cleavage. Oooh, mystique! It lends itself to all options, from skirts and flip flops to jeans and open-toed booties. ($7.80, Forever 21)

3. Comic-Themed aka Geek Chic

For the girl who likes her graphics, the Marvel Iron Man bodysuit is a total "must own." The image adds an edge and can be paired with low-rise skinnies and thongs, leather shorts and a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors, or any black skirt of your choosing. I'm thinking a pencil shape would work with this, mixing prim and proper with geek chic. ($13.80, Forever 21)

4. Glamazon

The Lovecat Give It to Me Bodysuit is sexy, glam, and dares to bare. It dips low and has full-ish sleeves. Plus, the fact that it's a bodysuit probably helps it keep its shape. Given the volume this piece offers, pair it with leggings or tiny jean shorts for some balance. I'm all about balance. ($48, Nasty Gal)

5. See-Through Sex Appeal

The Dahlia Lace bodysuit is another daring piece but it can be toned up or down based on the other pieces with which you pair it. Throw on a leather skirt that hits at the knee with some kitten-heel slingbacks and it's ripe and right for date night. Add boyfriend jeans with plenty of distressed spots and it's the ultimate in tomboy chic, which is how Ciara labels her style. ($42, American Apparel)

Image: Cosmopolitan