Tropical Storm Arthur Is Going to Ruin Your July 4th, and Here Are 11 Animals Who Are Super Upset About It

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The 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday for so many reasons: you eat barbecue outside, you have a legitimate excuse to day-drink, and you get to watch fireworks. Except this year, there will be none of that. No eating of the ribs. No explosive sky art. And even if you do day drink, your buzz will probably just be killed. Why? Because there’s a big huge storm a-coming, at least if you live on the east coast.

Oh. You didn’t know? ABC News reported that Hurricane Arthur is hitting the area on Friday, thus being dubbed (by myself): the Grinch That Stole The 4th of July, 2014. Though North Carolina will see the worst of the storm, states in the northeast are expected to experience "rain during the day." Hrmpf.

Seeing as everyone is upset about the Hurricane That Shall Not Be Named, we rounded up a few photos and gifs that might express your current feelings on the subject. Oh, but they're not just any photos and gifs, they're ADORABLE ANIMAL photos and gifs. Because rain on a holiday sucks, but kittens and slothes don't. Let's procede, shall we? How about we start before word of the storm caught wind (pun intended, couldn't help myself):


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"Mmmmm....seasonal beer and burgers."

2. There’s going to be a storm?

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"Wait, what?"

3…on the 4th of July?

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4…and it’s going to rain?


5. A LOT?!

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Upon realization, you may have gone through the five stages of grief, starting with:


“Nope. Don’t believe you. Where’s the party again?”


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“Yes, can I get a ticket to somewhere that’s not here?”


“Is this Karma’s way of telling me I should start recycling more?”


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“Le Sigh.”

11. But, it's OK, because the it's all sunny skies and nice weather for the rest of the weekend!

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