A Definitive Ranking of Their Matching Ensembles

by Arielle Dachille

Girl groups have been coordinating their outfits since the days of The Shirelles. We like to think of it as fashion harmonizing. After all, you’re looking at the group as a whole, and their various sartorial notes should play off of each other like notes in a song. It’s just as important that these bands of powerhouse female musicians are in synch with their ensembles as they are in their vocals. In the 90’s, no pop star girl group exemplified the importance of this paradigm more than vintage TLC.

Sure, things have changed since the tragic death of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez. The group has a new member and a Lifetime movie. But for us, it's all about the originals. T.Boz, Left Eye (RIP) and Chilli rocked so many outfits that became part of pop culture history. Not to mention, many of these looks were tailor-made for group Halloween costumes. For this, we owe them so much. Truly, these women did it all. They wore condom brooches, made parachute pants cool, and were always true to their clan. From music videos to red carpet appearances, TLC nary appeared in the public eye perfectly matched and ready to slay anyone who questioned their taste.

Furthermore, these looks have made up our culture’s visual vocabulary. Think about it. When “No Scrubs” comes on at a party, how can you not visualize those transcendent black PVC fashion spacesuits? Exactly. It’s impossible. We’re ranking TLC’s most iconic matching outfits through the years, so you can remember all the other incredible fashion they served us.

1. This pastel look, showcasing a softer side...

Even if they're coordinating, the girl find ways to showcase their personalities. Note the varying shades of shirts, as well as Chilli's midriff jewelry.

2. Metallic pants for days!

This look from the 1995 MTV Movie Awards perfectly encapsulates their "Everlast" phase. Also, shiny pants and crop tops are never a bad idea.

3. Overall city, population TLC.

Condom accessories + Crayola-covered overalls = Prolific moments in fashion history.

4. This look in which clothing can spell.

TLC showed up to the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards one year in this iconic collective ensemble. As a result, we rushed out to buy copious pairs of nylon pants.

5. White, before and after Labor Day

They cleaned up in these matching white creations at the 1996 Grammys. Check out T. Boz's rocking' bandeau/shrug shirt combo!

6. That time they looked like the cast of Zoom.

If you look up "90s" in the dictionary, this is the accompanying photo.

7. The "Unpretty" Video

In these coordinated goddess-like getups, they made me feel great about myself.

8. The "Waterfalls" video

I mean, their outfits are made out of water plasma. Few cooler things can happen on this Earth.

9. The Crazy, Sexy, Cool Boxing Gear


Perhaps this set is slightly less theatrical than their other outfits, but I'd totally wear Left Eye's outfit today.

10. The "No Scrubs" Spacesuits

This look is a composite of everything that makes TLC fashion so great. Cutouts, parachute pants, shiny fabrics and midriff. Also, special effects! Remember those funky light-up pendants? Let's take another look...

11. The Silk Pajamas from "Creep"

Everything about this video...

is so damn fly...

and comfy.