Summer Reading: 4 Great Online Magazines

It's beach season, so if you're anything like me, you've been reading a ton of magazines. While the allure of printed pages and collage-able photos is totally real, sometimes you just don't want to lug around a few lbs worth of lifestyle inspiration just so you can keep occupied before that inevitable snooze on the sand. Enter these four awesome online magazines, which provide all of the eye candy with none of the weight in your beach bag. Download a few of these to your e-reader alongside some of our books for summer reading.

Matchbook: You know that one friend? The one who makes perfectly frosted cakes, always has the most flattering new lipstick in her purse, and can recite a litany of inspirational Audrey Hepburn quotes? Matchbook is basically the online magazine version of that friend, but not in a way that makes you all Pinterested-ly stabby, I promise. Read Matchbook if you'd like a little bit more culture, a little bit more useful, and a little bit more pretty in your life. It truly is the "field guide to a charmed life."

Adore Home: This Australian magazine is all about your home. I love the bold, gorgeous photographs of interiors all over the world. The white and blue table setting pictures currently on the front page seriously make me want to call everyone I know to host a summer garden party.

Rue: Rue's a great conglomeration of on-trend fashion, lifestyle, and home content, including recipes, travel tips, beauty products, entertaining and everything else you need for "a beautiful life." It's published bimonthly, and I particularly love their "Friday Favorites" links roundups.

Sweet Paul: You may have seen the print version of this mag at Anthropologie, but the online version is just as awesome. Founded by Norwegian Paul Einlyng, a craft and food stylist, and inspired by all of his crafty and creative friends, Sweet Paul is kind of like if Real Simple moved to Portland and started making handcrafted floral essences with backing from celebrity investors. In a good way, of course!