Goat Tries Climbing Inflatable Chair, And You Can't Help But Root For Him

In general, goats seem to have a pretty good time of things right now: they can sing, they can do parkour, they have their own cafes, they can eat just about anything, and they may be poised to de-throne cats as the Internet's favorite animal. But as nice as all this is, it doesn't save goats from the difficulties of inflatable chairs. Damn inflatable chairs, getting in the way of goat dreams.

As you can see, Dynamo the goat just wants to climb on this chair, like any sensible goat would do. But the chair insists on being all...inflatable. What's a poor Dynamo to do when the the chair keeps squishing and moving around like this? It's outrageous!

Oh, and yes, the goat's name is Dynamo. Have I mentioned that enough yet? Because it still makes me ridiculously happy.

So as this Fourth of July three day weekend draws to a close, let us all take comfort in the efforts of Dynamo the goat and his refusal to give up on his dreams of standing on top of an inflatable chair–at least as long as he doesn't get distracted by some other dream. Because yes, tomorrow we might all have to go back to work in a country that's another year older. But for today, we have this video.