'Big Brother' Devin Shepherd Has All the Power Now & the Other Houseguests Should Be Nervous

In some bizarre twist of Big Brother fate, Devin Shepherd — the bomb squad alliance member with a big mouth and affinity for house meetings — now holds all of the power in the Big Brother house. As we saw on Thursday night's live show, Devin Shepherd and Amber Borzotras were the two houseguests to win the HOH titles. After the Battle of the Block competition took place, Devin remained the reigning HOH and Brittany and Paola were still nominated for eviction. I'm starting to feel a little bad for Paola, every season there is that houseguest that is always nominated, regardless of their game play, and it seems like she was given that title pretty early on this season.

Fast forward to post-Veto competition, and it turns out The Rock lookalike is also holding the Power of Veto, which gives him all of the power in the game. And the fact that Devin is the one with the power should scare all of the houseguests, because this guy is seriously a loose cannon. After spending the past few days with Brittany on his radar, Devin just promised Brittany that she would have the veto around her neck at the end of the Veto ceremony... uhh what? Whether that is all talk on Devin's part (maybe he is actually getting the hang of the game by now?) or whether he truly wants to save Brittany from eviction will be discovered in only a matter of time, but in the meantime, Devin's actions are really screwing over his alliance.

After Devin promised Brittany that she was safe and that they were going to backdoor Victoria, Derrick, the house's undercover cop, decided to take matters into his own hands. And that is how you do it. As Derrick explained to Zach, if they keep Victoria and send Paola home, that will be one additional person in the Big Brother house gunning for Derrick. Maybe Derrick can just nominate himself in replace for Brittany and we can all save ourselves a week of this torture? Yeah, I said it.

Images: BBFeedster.com, FuckYeahItsBigBrother/Tumblr