Did he right his wrongs?

There is no doubt in my mind when I say that Devin Shepherd one of the worst players on Big Brother this season. He played the game too hard and too quick, like Joey Van Pelt, who will most likely be going home Thursday. In Wednesday's episode, we saw that Devin had stirred up some suspicion in the past week that Donny was ex-military, when Donny, in reality, is still just a groundskeeper at a school. Devin created worry for current HOH, Caleb Reynolds, causing him to nominate and gun for the groundskeeper for the week.

That all changed when Donny won the Power of Veto this week and pulled himself off the block. And it seems like last night the emotional stress of being the one that almost got Donny kicked out finally cracked Devin. It seems that Donny was sleeping and Devin woke him up and came clean about being the person behind his nomination earlier in the week. Donny, being the perfect person he is, told him it was all right, and that he forgave him (of course he did!).

But then, because a house meeting always goes over well in the Big Brother house, Devin decides he should host said meeting because he "wants to get something off of his chest." Here, he starts by saying he wanted to revolutionize the Big Brother game and enter the house with the intentions to play honest and with integrity.

“I wanted to come in here and play the most honest and integral game that has ever been played. I knew that by doing that I may not make it very far, but I was okay with that.”

Unfortunately, when you enter the Big Brother house, any preconceived notion of how you thought you were going to play the game usually is abandoned immediately.

“When I walked through that door on Day 1 and I got to stand in the same house where a lot of the greats have played, it hit me that the greats haven’t gotten to the end of this game without being somewhat dishonest and somewhat deceitful at times. They haven’t gotten there without backstabbing some people.”

So after the realization that you actually have to play the game of Big Brother and not just braid friendship bracelets and hand them out to people you want to be buddies with, Devin brought up the fact that Donny was nominated because of his distrust for him.

“I didn’t trust Donny. I was scared that Donny wasn’t who he said he was. The last 4, 5, 6 days I have gotten to know Donny very, very well. It breaks my heart that I passed judgment on Donny without really knowing him.”

He plans to play honest for the rest of the game, which seems like a weird confession to make, but hey, he’s having a moment, so I’ll let him have this. And then of course he brought up his daughter, because he always brings up his daughter.

“My daughter is the most important thing in my life. When she plays this stuff back, 10, 15, 20 years from now, I want her to know that no, her dad didn’t compromise his integrity for anything or anyone.”

He spent a few more minutes saying how he is very apologetic, and then he ran up to the HOH room sobbing. The houseguests appropriately applauded him when it ended.

Images: BB Feedster; Big Brother Leaks/Twitter