Study: Millennials More Forgetful Than Seniors

by Kayla Higgins

If you're living in the Northeast and think that stress is causing you to age at an accelerated're probably right. Happy Monday.

The Trending Machine National Poll recently found that millennials aged 18-34 are more forgetful than seniors ages 55 or older, and even people between the age of 35 and 54.

The poll, which surveyed 800 adults, found that millennials are more likely than seniors to forget what day it is (15 percent vs. seven percent) as well as where they put their keys (14 percent vs. eight percent). And what about the ageist stereotype that the elderly are more smelly? It turns out millennials are even more likely to forget to take a bath or shower (six percent vs. two percent).

Patricia Gutentag, a leading family and occupational therapist, said that her best guess as to why millennials display such a high level of forgetfulness is stress.

“Stress often leads to forgetfulness, depression and poor judgment,” Gutentag said.

“We find higher rates of ADHD diagnoses in young adults. This is a population that has grown up multitasking using technology, often compounded by lack of sleep, all of which results in high levels of forgetfulness,” Gutentag added.

Region and gender made a difference as well. Those living in the Northeast reported more forgetfulness than those in the West (51% vs. 39%), and women were more likely to forget or misplace these everyday items compared to men (43% vs. 31%).

Source: The Trending Machine

Image: Pixabay