'Ladies Of London' Noelle & Scot's Relationship Is Even More Dramatic Than You Know

I have a lot of questions for the women of Bravo's Ladies of London — most of them have to do with why almost all of the stars of LoL are from America — but my biggest question revolves around Noelle Reno and her sketchy boyfriend, Scot Young: What is up with them? Seriously though, why can we never get a straight answer from Noelle about whether or not she actually wants to be with Scot? Obviously honesty is not the name of the game when it comes to Bravo's reality shows, but a little juicy nugget of insight into the taboo talking point that is their relationship would make me so happy.

Personally, I would love it if the show would shoot a two-minute segment of Annabelle Neilson just clearly (and bluntly) explaining their relationship because, since Neilson doesn't bullshit around, we'd finally get a straight answer. (Plus, with her sass, it would be completely hysterical.) Unfortunately, Bravo has yet to do that, so it's up to the wee bit of vague information we've gotten from the show, and the massive amount of tabloid-y information that we've gotten from the British media, to figure out what's truth and what's fiction. And man, oh, man is there a lot to talk about. Just the fact that Noelle is almost always discussing her boyfriend's divorce, rocky financial situation, and criminal records, is a sign that things are not going well in their relationship.

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Based on the show and British news, here's what we know about Noelle, Scot, and their tumultuous relationship.

Scot has definitely been in jail

Yikes. According to The Independent, Scot was sentenced to six months in prison back in 2013 for failing to provide financial details during his divorce battle. Speaking of his divorce, it was totally intense...

Scot went through a seriously messy divorce

The Daily Mail reports that Scot and his estranged wife, Michelle Young, were in a six-and-a-half year legal battle that included 65 hearings. (Wow.) Basically, Michelle was asking for half of Scot's fortune — she claims it's over £770 million (approximately $1.3 billion) — but he claims that he "lost his entire fortune in a disastrous property deal" that left him in debt. BUT, Michelle says that he's actually hidden his assets in an offshore account. The plot thickens!

He's now out of jail, and Noelle is still with him

Even through the shitstorm of legal battles and unflattering accusations, Noelle has stuck by Scot. She might be the most loyal lady on the show, but she might also just be fooling herself into believing that Scot is the good guy he says he is (even though she's basically admitted to the other women that she doesn't know if she believes him).

They're about to move in together, but Noelle might be reaching her breaking point

Based on the events of the most recent episodes, it seems like Noelle is about ready to call it quits; however, I feel like she's said that a thousand times since the series started, and that she hasn't done anything about it. I'm obviously not in this relationship with them, so I don't really have a place saying what Noelle should or shouldn't do, but since this is a Bravo show, I'm going to yak until I'm blue in the face from gossip and drama. Basically, she might want to really think about their relationship and decide if Scot is the best thing for her — because he probably isn't.