'LoL's Annabelle Neilson Is An "It" Girl

We might only be one episode into Bravo's new reality series, but from what we've seen so far, Annabelle Neilson is Ladies of London's wisest lady. Either that, or her hip and nonchalant demeanor just makes us believe that her word is as good as gold. From her I'm-too-cool-for-this-shit "God Save the Queen" jacket to her always present bored face, she's the epitome of a cool girl. You know the type of person we're talking about — that girl who's always dressed to the nines (but in a way that's carelessly chic) and who's always the most laid-back person in the room. You try your best to not need their approval, but their rebel-without-a-cause vibe just keeps pulling you back in. And out of all of the posh Brits and loud American expats on the show, Neilson is definitely at the top of the pyramid— and she got there without even trying.

Coming from a wealthy, aristocratic family, Neilson has been raised by the best of best, and she knows it. But she's totally over it now. She's lived her life strutting down the runway (with her besties, Steve McQueen and Kate Moss) and socializing with London's elite, so she knows she's the bomb diggity and, therefore, that she doesn't have to prove it. All she has to do is just be, and people will instantly want to be her or at least be her friend.

Here are some of Neilson's best quotes that prove she's the "It" girl on Ladies of London.

1. "When I walk in a room, I think people think, 'Oh shit, it's Annabelle.'"

Obviously we're going to start off with a bang. One of Neilson's best quotes so far has been about herself. She knows she's hot shit, and she also knows that people like to gossip about hot shit. Whether they're talking about her because she's a mess or because she's that intimidating, her reputation definitely precedes her.

2. "You don’t wear hats to polo."

Ugh, Noelle, you silly American — save your hats for The Kentucky Derby. Neilson knows the ins-and-outs of the fashion scene in London, and what she says goes. (She also added, "The Americans are dressed like they’re going to have tea at Buckingham Palace, not like they’re going to a polo match." Burn.)

3. "The way I sort of look at them is like three dogs. Juliet's like on over-excited terrier. Noelle I see as a mutt that you picked up from [a dog's home] and she's had one bad owner. And Marissa is one of those pampered poodles with, you know, all that shaved stuff with buns all over her... and she's probably pink."

Damn, girl. Neilson always says what's on her mind, no matter what. Plus, her dog insults are spot on. Marissa would be a pink poodle.

4. "We've been to loads of them."

While the Americans were shrieking from excitement over the polo match, the Brits were behind them talking about how eager and obnoxious the other women were being. Neilson doesn't give a crap about a dumb polo match... she's "been to loads of them," and she's so over it.

5. "Riding an animal [horse] over 45 miles an hour is very dangerous."

Neilson is seriously one intense badass. She's going to keep competing in horse-racing competitions until someone stops her— and even that might not work.

Images: Bravo, annabelleneilson1/Instagram