'The Talking Dead' Got #zombiedong Trending & Because We Know You're Curious, Here's Why

Oh Twitter, not only do you let us see the most mundane thoughts of people we barely know, but you provide us with a constant sense of mystery thanks to that little box filled with trends. On Sunday night, #zombiedong was trending on Twitter, which has to be one of the strangest hashtags to ever become a trend. Don't worry, for once, this random trend has nothing to do with One Direction. It's actually from The Talking Dead 's The Walking Dead Season 5 preview, and the fact that it became a trend at all proves just how passionate (and Twitter-savvy) Walking Dead fans are.

It started as a serious question. Host Chris Hardwick wanted to know why there were never any naked zombies on The Walking Dead. He said that with so many people dying, there must've been at least one person who dropped dead as they were getting out of the shower. Executive producer Scott M. Gimple revealed that The Walking Dead has actually come pretty close to showing a naked walker. In the Season 2 episode "18 Miles Out," written by Gimple, Shane and Rick drove past a field with a lone zombie walking through it. It was, as Gimple said, a haunting image, and apparently when he first wrote the scene, he envisioned it with a naked zombie.

Ultimately, they decided that it'd be a little too distracting to have this important image center on a naked guy, but the story prompted Hardwick to use the phrase "zombie dong," before quickly saying that #zombiedong should trend on Twitter. Fans happily obliged.

So what exactly did the #zombiedong tweets say? Most were just fans trying to make the phrase trend, or acknowledging how ridiculous the whole thing is. Other, however, got a little more creative.

Let's hope all of this Walking Dead social media power doesn't go to Hardwick's head. If he can get #zombiedong trending, anything is possible.

Image: AMC