'The Walking Dead's 'Talking Dead' Season 5 Preview Special Hints at What's Really Going at Terminus

As we not-so-patiently await the October premiere of The Walking Dead Season 5, AMC has decided to make the summer a little more bearable by airing The Talking Dead Season 5 Preview Special, with usual host Chris Hardwick sitting down with executive producer Scott M. Gimple and comedian/superfan Aisha Tyler to give desperate fans a look into the upcoming season. Lucky for fans, Tyler and Hardwick asked the exact questions that we've all been wondering about. Not so lucky for fans, Gimple wasn't quite ready to give the answers. Still, we did get some clues about what's ahead for our favorite characters and what exactly is going on at Terminus.

We were just a few minutes into the special when Hardwick decided to just say what we're all thinking and ask Gimple if the people at Terminus are cannibals. He didn't say yes, but he didn't say no either. Instead, Gimple said how in offices all across America, there are guys who read The Walking Dead comics telling their coworkers that Terminus is filled with cannibals. Gimple understands why people believe that, and even conceded that the timeline of the TV series supports the cannibal theory, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's what's happening. Dammit Gimple, why must you torture us so?!

The closest Gimple came to revealing anything about Terminus was a confusing Star Wars reference that even Hardwick, the man who named his company Nerdist, seemed to have a hard time deciphering. Gimple was talking about how Luke would've become a stormtrooper if he didn't need to avenge his family. Hardwick tried his best to translate, saying that Gimple was probably saying how circumstances can dictate someone's fate, while Tyler thinks it had more to do with the common themes of weak people forming communities around one leader. Gimple didn't elaborate further, so do with that vague metaphor what you will.

One surprising thing discussed during the special was the fate of Eugene, the man who supposedly knows what caused the whole zombie apocalypse and how to stop it. At first it seemed that all three commentators agreed that Eugene has the least to offer the group as they attempt to escape the train car in Terminus, but then Tyler noted that Eugene seems to be one of the most logical members of the group, and that their best chance at escape might be through strategy, rather than force or violence. Again, Gimple couldn't definitely say anything.

If there's anything that was actually confirmed during the preview special, it's that the group will get out of the train car. Gimple joked with Hardwick and Tyler about what an entire season filmed in a train car would be like, so that's one less thing to be worried about.

Gimple didn't reveal much about what will happen once they leave the train car, why they're in there, or how they'll get out, but at least we know at some point in Season 5, the group will leave the train car. It's not much, but it's a start.

Image: AMC