8 Reasons 'Teen Wolf' Stiles Is Seth Cohen's Long Lost Twin

For fans of the surprisingly addicting MTV series Teen Wolf , Stiles is everyone's favorite best friend. He's always there for Scott with a plan B, a joke, or just some comfort if everything else fails. He has a true love, though he's stepping away from her this season for a new romantic interest. And he knows that Scott will always protect him when he needs it the most. Now if that sounds like another TV-show fan-favorite character you know, you're right. Stiles is basically the updated version of Seth Cohen from Fox's former teen series The O.C. And let's just say, we're not exactly mad about it.

For those who don't know who Seth Cohen is, shame on you. Go watch The O.C. right now. Seth, played by Adam Brody, is the son of Sandy and Kirsten, the couple that take in young troublemaker Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie). Seth and Ryan instantly become friends, mainly due to the balance between Seth's sarcastic wit and Ryan's street smarts and directness. The two get into all kinds of trouble together, falling in love with equally troublesome girls and dealing with issues their parents could not possibly understand. If that doesn't describe Stiles' relationship with Scott perfectly, I don't know what does. Check out the many ways Stiles and Seth Cohen are basically just twins separated by time and space (and TV networks).

They Both Use Sarcasm In The Most Perfect Ways

I don't think I've ever seen TV characters more perfectly sarcastic than Seth Cohen and Stiles, other than maybe Xander from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (who is equally as awesome as these two). It's basically their way of life and both characters provide levity in the most dramatic of situations.

They Are The Very Best In Best Friends

Seth Cohen and Stiles are the epitome of perfect best friends. Seth never abandoned Ryan, even when he was filled with revenge over Marissa's death. And Stiles is just the same. When Scott was possessed and was about to commit suicide, Stiles talked him off the ledge and out of the clutches of his wolfsbane poison/possession to save his life. These two are the fiercest of friends.

They Are Adorably Weird

From their outlooks on sex to how they act when drunk and everything in between, these two teens are pretty remarkably awkward and ridiculous. I would change absolutely nothing about either of them.

They Both Have A Slight Problem With Balance

Except maybe this. I might change this.

They Sometimes Need A Lot Of Positive Reinforcement

To be fair, who doesn't?

They're Always Ready with a Comeback

Sometimes even without words... Though wordy quips are awesome.

They Pick Difficult But Awesome Women To Impress

Stiles and Seth Cohen's first loves are usually almost impossible to seduce. Stiles has yet to be in a romantic situation with his first love Lydia but she definitely knows how he feels about her, and it took Seth several, several years before he even worked up the courage to talk to Summer. But in the end Seth and Summer get married, despite her initial annoyance with him and despite the many bumps in the road. Perhaps Stiles and Lydia can one day find their way to each other too?

They Stand Up For What's Right And Are Brave During The Most Difficult Situations

Before Ryan came to town, Seth Cohen was a nobody. He didn't really have any friends, he was kind of a loner who just spent his time reading comic books. But once he was given the opportunity to be there for someone and be a hero, he stepped up big time. He was always supporting his friends and family, but also told them like it is, even if that meant telling Ryan he was doing something wrong. Similarly, Stiles has been extremely courageous despite having no supernatural powers like most of his friends. He will stand up to people, including his friends, and always protect the ones he loves from anyone, even themselves.

Seth Cohen may be gone from our televisions, but at least we can take comfort in the fact that his legacy lives on through Stiles. It's a tough throne to take over but Stiles does it quite well. Long live sarcastic TV best friends. They're the real heroes.

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