Everyone 'Big Brother 16's Devin Has Started a Fight With... So Far

In a spiral that we should have all seen coming considering what a wild card Devin Shepherd has been since he entered the house, Devin's Fourth of July weekend was largely spent bouncing from feud to feud with the other members of the Big Brother house. Not only is Devin holding one of the HOH titles, but he's also won the Power of Veto, which essentially makes him the most powerful member of the house right now. The worst part is that he knows it. Devin has already been playing his game like he holds all the power — bullying the other house guests into voting the way he wants them to vote or throwing the competitions he wants them to throw — and now that he actually is in power then he's just as two-faced and manipulative as ever.

To be fair, it's near impossible to play the Big Brother game without being willing to lie and lie and lie some more, but Devin hasn't been playing his game right. He's gone from being honest with the household about his machinations against Donny to throwing everyone under the bus this weekend, leaving people either furious with him or terrified of him. Whose bad side has Devin gotten on over the weekend? The list is starting to become endless.

Devin v. Caleb

The Devin/Caleb bromance experienced a small bump because Caleb felt that Devin was causing way too much drama and Devin felt that Caleb was attacking him on Amber's orders. Caleb was trying to point out to Devin how the rest of the house was perceiving his actions, but Devin didn't want to hear that from a "love struck puppy" and the two of them briefly parted ways when Devin formally dissolved the alliance. Fortunately, or unfortunately all things considered, the two later made up and the Bomb Squad lived to explode another day.

Devin v. Victoria

When it came time for Devin to pick the have-nots for the week, he chose Zach and Derrick, who had previously agreed to be chosen, and Brittany and Victoria. He was clear on the fact that he only really cared about making sure Victoria was a have-not. Devin believed that Victoria and Brittany were the only two girls who had the guts to go after him, but he ended up cutting a deal with Brittany over the weekend due largely in part to his sudden crush on her. One of his game plans involves taking Paola off the block and putting Victoria up instead.

Devin v. Amber

Devin's anger at Amber can largely be chalked up to bromantic jealousy. Caleb and Devin's bromance game has been strong for most of the show, but ever since Caleb and Amber patched things up Caleb has been giving her equal, if not more, importance in his life and alliances as he has been giving Devin. Devin noted that he can no longer share everything with Caleb because Caleb will run and tell Amber about it while Amber noted her displeasure with Devin running around "playing her game for her".

Devin v. Zach

The blowup between Zach and Devin all started when Devin told Zach point-blank that he didn't trust him. Zach freaked out, wondering why he was the one that Devin was choosing to target when everyone in the house had been whispering negatively about Devin all weekend. Zach considered blowing the whistle on the Bomb Squad, though he intended to protect the members of the Squad that he still liked, and made a plan to call Devin out at the veto ceremony.

At the moment, Devin plans to target Zach in defiance of what the rest of the Bomb Squad wants, but, at the end of the day, are any of us surprised?

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