Victoria Beckham & Samuel L. Jackson's Wimbledon Run-In Is Horribly Uncomfortable — VIDEO

Things got pretty awkward at Wimbledon, but not necessarily on the courts — the height of all tension was totally devoid of any tennis balls. This moment happened... in the seats. Victoria Beckham and Samuel L. Jackson had a pretty awkward encounter, since apparently, Victoria Beckham did not want to sit next to Samuel Jackson, and it looks like he didn't want to sit next to her, either. Or maybe they just had nothing to talk about and were left in the ultimate awkward silence. Either way, The Awesome Internet Man of The Day, Brian Floyd, captured it all, and we now can re-watch the incredibly weird and hilarious moment over and over again on Vine. THIS IS WHY VINE WAS INVENTED.

Personally, I'm just wondering how the two of them ended up sitting so close to each other given their obvious disdain for one another. Did they have a falling out? Did Vicky spill some mustard on Sammy? Did Sammy accidentally step on the strap of Vicky's purse? WHY ARE THEY SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

So what have we learned here? When in a state of awkward doubt, just play Angry Birds, and if you're planning a wedding, don't put Victoria and Samuel next to each other or at the same table.

Image: Vine